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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 10-12-2017 to 16-12-2017


The receipt of news about the success of a certain venture or project will give you further impetus to surge ahead with your fresh plans to expand your work. Financial growth and prosperity is assured. This will set the mood for joyful celebrations during the upcoming holiday season. If single and eligible, a marriage proposal brought forth by a relative will be accepted and wedding ceremony is round the corner.


The upsurge of activity in your job or business will keep you profitably engaged leaving hardly any time for home and family. You no doubt feel elated at achieving high degree of attention due to your success but may feel that you are missing out on action of social life in the festive atmosphere of during the concluding time of the year. You need to make an effort to extricate yourself from hectic work schedule to join your mate or beloved to avoid any flare up of a different kind.


Partnerships of all kind and hue go through a period of rift and disagreements. There seem to be tangential approach to similar goals that you set to achieve. Someone has to give in to take the matter further and it will be in your interest to initially accept what is proposed. You may require some modifications to include additional input you receive later. In marriage or in love relationship you seem to have taken a rather rigid stance.


Benefits from landed estate are likely. You may be preoccupied with certain issues regarding youngsters and there may be things that you need to sort out with your parents too. If you are single and have an existing relationship it is sure to move in the right direction sooner than you expect. The family scene is congenial and happy. At a social event you will be the subject of great respect. Those in love get starry eyed with romance more so during the upcoming holiday season.


Financial gains accrue through some unexpected quarter. Business people must rely on their own assessment while planning fresh investments. The systematic analysis and logic of the experts seem to go awry under current situation in the market. The employed that are keen to change job and location are likely to receive two offers causing a bit of confusion. You may be keen to choose the one that gives you more time with your family.


The employed may feel despondent when their sincere work goes without appreciation not to mention rewards. You must sincerely evaluate your record and see that the output may not have been up to the mark. You must also not give up your enthusiasm, for a downcast expression betrays failure. Business people get enthused to put in more investment after their work makes continuous progress that requires further expansion of business.


You will have a fruitful week. You will be able to catch up with pending work for which you may need help of a colleague with a particularly difficult assignment. Matters concerning applications and interviews will have favorable response. A heavy workload may be tackled by prioritizing projects and assigning the task to the right person. Travel this week proves beneficial.


Youngsters will have several rounds of parties and those in love will have their sweetheart all to themselves throughout the weeklong celebrations. The fancy free will get an opportunity to strike friendship with a charming person. You should make right moves to get a proper introduction by sending messages and gifts and showering lavish compliments. Have a great time celebrating the holiday festivities.


Youngsters need to be selective while deciding about the future course of their education or career. It is likely that some of you may get confused whether to get into some creative field or take up finance as your subject of specialization. Business people after a series of meetings and discussions will be able to finalize a partnership agreement, which earlier weighed heavily against their interests. Those in love will be happy to receive the blessings of their elders.


The employed feel their growth is being obstructed by a few elements jealous of your academic background. Others will be talking behind your back about you being arrogant due to your excellent record but criticize aggressive manner. It is better not to pay heed to what others think and say and concentrate on your work for none can stop your growth after you deliver great results. A change for the better is in the offing. You will have reasons to celebrate during the coming festive season.


Your business or job is stable and you can afford to take it easy for a while and that is precisely your plan for the week. The married will go out shopping for the home and will buy an expensive gift for their mate. You will also pick up something very useful for your parent who will be pleased by your thoughtful gesture. Youngsters will have some exciting plans lined up for parties and outings during the forthcoming festive season.


You will have some free time on hand and would like to travel to rural areas to study how you can implement some of your welfare schemes. It has been on your mind to do something different other than the pursuit of your career. You will be surprised at the interest shown by many to support you in your efforts. It will be a happy and fulfilling period.