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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 21-05-2017 to 27-05-2017


If looking for ways and means to make your work conditions more comfortable without sacrificing profitability and growth then setting up a home office is the best option. This is the luxury and the freedom that the self employed can exercise and enjoy. Youngsters participating in sports competitions will do well and win fresh laurels and cash awards. A new friendship with a person of the opposite sex gets more intimate and meaningful.


It may be a frustrating week for the employed when they get summoned by their senior and given dressing down for no fault of theirs. It will be in your interest not to react for the senior will soon realize his or her mistake and invite you for a lunch to clear the air. Business people will have to remain alert and cash their gains when their deals begin to register profit. Any delay could mean missing an opportunity and suffer loss.


All the work you have in mind is accomplished without any hitches or hurdles. This will surprise you as it has taken less time than you reserved for. Even your appointment with the authorities went smoothly and you found them sympathetic and willing to help within their limitations. You now need to methodically plan your future strategy. It is better to seek counsel with an acquaintance who may have better experience to advise you.


You may feel reluctant to take up a certain job that according to you are not right. It is better to be upfront and decline than accept for fear of losing your job. Your honesty will be appreciated and your point of view will be accepted. Business people will get an opportunity to explore a new area of investment that could well be a money spinner. Personal life is full of happiness and joyful togetherness.


If you feel a little under the weather it would be advisable to leave all the major decisions to your partner even if it concerns drawing up a contract or finalizing an important deal. Taking any important decisions when all your faculties are low and you are in no mood to exert could result in a setback. You may as well devote time in studying the market looking for better opportunities. A change for the better is foreseen.


Creative work, communications, get-togethers, seminars and meetings, all keep you on your toes. You will successfully implement your plans this week. An associate may seek your opinion regarding a certain venture that even appeals to you as a profit-making project. You are on the threshold of setting up a large project and your friend’s proposal seems to fit perfectly in your scheme. You can propose a tie-up that will work well.


Work is under control and you have ample time to catch up with personal affairs. Some of you will scout additional avenues for investment or work that could be related to your hobby or a pastime. Business interests are successfully concluded with the signing of a fresh deal. Youngsters and those who are fancy free are introduced to someone interesting from the opposite sex that would spark off instant friendship with chances of a romantic affair.


A change in official policy or new interpretation will prove beneficial to you and you may think of going in for expansion or a partnership to help you out for a short period. It will be a lucrative contract but speed will be of essence. If you have business contacts with some foreign countries you may receive some interesting inquiries. Study the offer thoroughly before initiating further negotiations.


You will get all the co-operation you need form the authorities who will be in a mood to help provided all your paper work is complete. Some trusted friends will see to it that you now move in the desired direction with speed. Youngsters will provide you with a pleasant surprise with a trophy or an award they have won in a quiz or a competition. Love life proves exciting with your mate in mischievous mood.


Your work gets appreciated when you surpass your target assigned to you for the last quarter. With sincere effort and hard work you put in now will continue to show excellent results that marks you for promotion for higher office. Business people must seize the opportunity that comes in the form of a favorable offer for investment in real estate. Those keen to shift residence will do so in the forthcoming week when interiors get completed.


Favorable circumstances around you may give you an opportunity to make maximum gains in your job or business. A prestigious contract with less of immediate gains but with a certain possibility of regular patronage will come your way. If you are in exports or imports you receive inquiries which can lead to some concrete business propositions. Your mate or beloved may surprise you with making some ingenious plans for the weekend.


Success is competitive exams will set youngsters on the right course of their future career. Business people will thrive in the favorable trends currently prevailing in the money market. The employed keen to change the course of their career will get an opportunity from a totally unexpected quarter. A chance meeting with an ex lover will revive the old flame and once again you get involved in an intimate affair.