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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 22-01-2017 to 28-01-2017


You will have a couple of significant offers, which can help your career goals. Be choosy and think of the nature of work which you find pleasing and where you can develop your talent further. There may be an opportunity to take up a challenging assignment, which will give you a chance to prove your capacity to handle sensitive and complex issue. Its acceptance will be remunerative. You will have to continue your exercise regimen to remain fit.


Business people may have to revise their plans and rework their budget. Present trends in the market appear volatile and you can hardly afford taking any risks. If possible keep for expansion plans on hold. The employed may have to bear with criticism from their seniors and you are advised not to react or make any complaints. Retrenchment at this juncture could result in a state of joblessness for long. Remain patient and bide your time till matters improve.


The employed are given prestigious assignment that they conclude successfully. However you may feel that the recognition due to you is not forthcoming instead a senior gets the credit for the same. It is better not to voice your displeasure and continue to bide your time when you are given an out of turn promotion to higher position. The weekend holds promise for the married and those in love with a long drive to dine at your favorite resort.


Work is under control and you have ample time to catch up with personal affairs. Some of you will scout additional avenues for investment or work that could be related to your hobby or a pastime. Business interests are successfully concluded with the signing of a fresh deal. Youngsters and those who are fancy free are introduced to someone interesting from the opposite sex that would spark off instant friendship with chances of a romantic affair.


The employed working in a team will feel frustrated when others fail to arrive at a consensus on the procedure to implement their business module. It is better not to force issues for should anything go wrong the blame will come squarely on you. Business people must wait and watch the market trends and not hasten to make any fresh investments. At home an elder or a parent may require medical attention or hospitalization.


Work related to travel, media, television and hospitality come under favorable trends and those associated with such field of work will remain in the limelight. Business people can consider expanding or diversifying their operations when opportunities beckon and the trends are positive. The single and eligible are likely to receive proposal for marriage that will be acceptable to them and their families.


The employed will feel secure in their jobs more so after they receive some additional benefits and allowances for successfully concluding a particular assignment. Those in the field of marketing will come up with a novel idea in promoting their products and services resulting in increase in the market share. Business expansion is on the cards for entrepreneurs having small-scale business or industry. Youngsters will enjoy thrills of romance.


You will get all the co-operation you need form the authorities who will be in a mood to help provided all your paper work is complete. Some trusted friends will see to it that you now move in the desired direction with speed. Youngsters will provide you with a pleasant surprise with a trophy or an award they have won in a quiz or a competition. Love life proves exciting with your mate in mischievous mood.


You must try to work in cooperation with others even though some will try putting you down in front of your seniors. Your good work results will get noticed by the seniors and the jealous elements will have to back off. Concentrate on your work and try to be nice to all with whom you have to deal. Your relationship with a large organization can improve and you can hope to make headway so that you reach a higher position. Some of you will shift residence.


The employed are given option to move to another division with a change in location. It may appear sinister to you but since the change is inevitable opt for moving to another location. You have a progressive career and with hard and sincere work you will prove your merit to authorities. Business people will come across opportunities to increase their turnover by adopting certain new measures in marketing strategy.


A much anticipated deal or a project is now coming your way. It will be better to devote all your time and effort in completing this work successfully on schedule for this could lead to rapid growth in your career. Business people will make gains in their current venture and it is advisable to further invest their money in the same project to double their profits. The married and those in love will plan a brief holiday.


With routine work under control and nothing new appearing on the horizon you will plan to take a holiday in the company of your family and friends. It will be an enjoyable trip where youngsters are likely to make some new friends. For the single and fancy free romance is foreseen though not serious enough to make any commitment. Students awaiting results of their tests or exams will be delighted to see the outcome.