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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 20-08-2017 to 26-08-2017


Good news through email or on the phone brings cheer and you will set out on a journey you have been anticipating for long. Financially you are in luck and will strike some favorable deals that will bring quick returns. If appearing for any tests or exams you can expect excellent results that will change the course of career and life for the better. If wooing someone for long without success, you will now receive a warm response.


Some of you may decide to take a break in your career to take up some specialized course with a view to changing your career path to a new field of work. If you have any long term goals in mind then it is the right decision to go ahead with your academic pursuit. Business people must consolidate their position while the time is opportune and not plan any expansion or diversification at this juncture. You have interesting plans for the weekend.


If you have been seeking a change now is the right time to make applications or contact placement agencies. It is quite likely that the type of work you seek is just waiting for you. Fresh graduates may decide to set up their own venture in partnership with their two or three batch mates. Hard work and sustained effort with faith in your skills will certainly prove rewarding. You will get drawn to someone within your circle of friends.


If you are connected with work, which requires a creative approach, you are sure to come up with ideas, which will be appealing and effective. This will gain recognition in your trade and you will receive some profitable offers. Traders and those in exports will sign a large contract that will keep them profitably engaged for long. Income and profit accruing now must be put in savings and not in expanding your business.


Though you have been rather keen on launching your venture it gets delayed due to lack of adequate funding. Since you are confident of its success you can reduce your holding enabling you to implement your plans successfully. At home the domestic situation is overcast with some minor misunderstanding. Better try to compromise before the matter goes out of your control.


You may have a strong urge to bring about a major change in your job or work. Some of you may decide to take a long leave to study the options of giving up an active career to pursue your hobby and other interests. It is quite possible that you find means to follow your dreams that could also support your financial requirements. Your mate or beloved will be rather enthusiastic about your plans and will join you in your endeavor.


Honors and success through your own efforts will make you confident and proud of your achievements. You should keep up the pace of your work in order to retain your advantage over others. There are many jealous elements or opponents who are keeping a tab on you and they wonder at your risk taking abilities. This only makes you more resolute to succeed. This is the time to make some safe investments for these will bring steady return.


Job seekers must keep in mind long tern benefits when accepting a fresh job proposal. It is better to value reputation of the organization than the remuneration being proffered. Some of you are likely to receive employment abroad that will establish you in your career. The fancy free are likely to get romantically involved with a colleague of the opposite sex and this association could prove exciting as well as enduring.


You seem to get down to serious work with career growth your single minded devotion. You will take on quite a few responsibilities at work and will be able to discharge this efficiently. Even though you avoid delegating work to others and handle most issues yourself you can entrust certain task to a close associate or a relative who will do justice to the work assigned. Achieving your deadlines will make you feel satisfied.


You are in an optimistic frame of mind and it is bound to reflect in the events that take place or when you meet people. A high power deal with a large organization will go through successfully as you are able to convince them of its benefits. A meeting with the authorities will proceed smoothly after you give them all the clarifications required. Your project, which was hampered and delayed, can now go ahead with all the speed at your command.


Fabulous financial gains will come your way as a result of an intelligent and accurate interpretation of events developing and affecting your field. This will give you ample opportunity to plan addition and expansion on a large scale as envisaged. You can now look forward to a bigger and better house and also go in for purchase of some more comfortable vehicle, which the family will love to have. An email or call may provide you with happy tidings.


You may have to give up your efforts in chasing a certain deal that has remained elusive for long. When you get back to your routine work you may come across a new opportunity much to your surprise. It is better to let matters be rather than wasting time and energy worrying about undue hurdles and obstacles in your way. A recent friendship with a person of the opposite sex is likely to get intimate leading to an enduring romance.