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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 15-10-2017 to 21-10-2017


The employed must try to break away from the routine and bring more innovations and freshness to their work that is sure to yield remarkable results. The very idea of leading from front while taking along your team will be appreciated by the seniors resulting in your getting promotion and independent charge of important section. Business people must stick to routine and avoid fresh investments till there are clear directions in the money market.


Those employed in large companies will get to work independently on a particular project that will give them an opportunity to apply their skill and expertise acquired over a period of time. Young executives may decide to add to their qualifications by enrolling themselves for some specialized course. Business people can take advantage of the currently favorable market trends and make substantial gains on the earlier investments. Those in the stock market can make some fresh deals that could fetch immediate rewards.


An important piece of news via email or phone may require you to travel at short notice that will prove profitable and rewarding. An absence from your base station for a few days may also give you some time to reflect over some personal or family issue that has been cause for concern to all. The married or those in love seem to be on the verge to split due to major differences that have cropped up in their relationship. Avoid taking any decision in haste.


There will be several opportunities to start your own enterprise but some sort of fear or sense of insecurity prevents you from taking the plunge. You will have to take a calculated risk if keen to follow your dreams and now is the right time else you will forever regret that you never gave it a try. Personal life goes through turmoil more due to your irritable and angry frame of mind. These are the signs of depression.


A certain job lying unattended due to your lack of interest could now be interfering with your routine activities. It is imperative to conclude this particular task if you wish to avoid a major setback in your career or business. Your investments made earlier will begin to show profit and in case you do not need cash leave these alone for better appreciation of wealth. A new friendship seems to upset your family and cause problems at home.


You are doing very well in job and business but seem to neglect your love and family life. The married could be heading for trouble as their mate may decide to terminate their relationship due to your lack of interest in finer aspect of love relationship. You need to reorganize your life to save your marriage or love relationship that you had taken for granted. Be prepared to make all compromises and follow the conditions set by your sweetheart.


Fresh opportunities exist for making some quick money through a deal or trading activity. Even if this particular work does not come under your routine you can try your luck and make some profit. The employed can look forward to receiving an important project that will give a boost to their career. Business people planning to expand their existing enterprise should work out a detailed plan and put forward to financial institutions for funding.


Work proceeds smoothly and you can now reconnoiter new areas of interest. Those interested in the performing arts or writing should devote some time in developing their talent further for they will soon get an opportunity to express them. Some of you may even consider taking up some creative work on the side to fulfill your artistic urge little knowing that soon this could become your full time occupation. Love life is brimming with excitement.


Your business will thrive and can bring favorable results much beyond your expectations despite some minor differences with your partner. Try and remove them, as it will add to your smooth functioning. The negotiations going on for a long time can be successfully concluded provided both of you are in a mood to compromise with a give and take policy. Harmony is restored at home where some minor issues with elders disrupted the peace.


You are suddenly burdened with extra work due to the absence of a senior colleague. Take this up as a challenge for if you conclude this particular task successfully you may get marked for promotion in the near future. Some of you may plan a long distant journey to scout fresh avenues of work or business. A friend living in another town will be helpful in getting some useful contacts. Weekend may have some pleasant surprise for those in love.


The employed seeking a change can look around for fresh openings for they are likely to come across a good offer. You can compromise on position if the offer is from an organization of repute because monthly emoluments in any case will be very attractive. Business people desirous of a tie up or joint venture will successfully conclude mutually profitable partnership. Some of you may require a health check up due to a nagging pain in the back.


While choosing a new job do not be in a great hurry as you must think in terms of your future career goals. You have also to know something more about the place you are going to work and the people surrounding it. Your expertise will be amply rewarded, as you are able to finalize a partnership agreement, which accords you equal status and share in profits. You are happy that with the parental consent your romance can now take its logical course.