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Weekly Forecast

Prediction for 25-06-2017 to 01-07-2017


There is no need to be anxious about the past errors committed inadvertently for things have now been sorted out. Acceptance of mistake and genuine penitence gets appreciated and you can begin afresh your work or relationship that got affected. Those who left home to make their career and life in far away regions will return to the warmth and comfort of family atmosphere that they missed. Financial stability is assured to youngsters.


Now is the opportune time to go independent in your work or business. You have all the support you need with funds or expertise and should avail of it. Business people with surplus funds may plan to invest at the stock market or in buying a piece of land that will prove beneficial. Seek short-term gains else you could block your monies indefinitely. The married will find their mate quiet and distant for no apparent reason.


The employed may take up some part time study course to further improve their career prospects. Some of you may take up study in a totally new field of specialization with a view to change the course of your career. It is the right time to bring about certain radical changes to surge ahead in life. Business people are warned against reckless expansion for there may be a sudden downturn in the market conditions affecting their turnover.


The employed will devote some time in building up comfortable work relationship with colleagues and clients that will improve their image and result in better work output. Those in advertising or media receive fresh contracts that will raise their stock in their field of specialization. Professionals from the field of law and medicine will be in the news for their recent achievements. Social activists will be able to do some pioneering work.


You will be able to improve your finances as the project, which you have launched is proceeding according to plans. You may now think of expansion and a larger turnover. This may require more capital and manpower. It may be useful to seek a partner or a small group, which can help. With some overseas contacts you may like to take a trip. This will enable you to establish personal contacts and evaluate the situation for yourself.


A well thought out plan and strategy will work out well and you will surge ahead in your job or business. Try not to discuss your fresh projects with others for they could try stalling your moves. Those working abroad for several years will now be keen to return to their homeland. The current period is favorable for bringing about any change that you wish to make in your career or location. You mate or beloved will give you full support.


The employed will feel their senior is rather tough on them and overly demanding. You may be right for you seem to come under pressure due to the current planetary configurations. It is better to bear with the circumstances for a while for soon there will be changes in your organization and your oppressor is likely to move out. The married will find their mate loving and caring that helps them relax and unwind in the quiet environs at home.


A busy and hectic work schedule will be stressful and much as you wish and try but there appears no escape. It will be better to get a grip over yourself and continue to work under such oppressive circumstances till a favorable time comes to your rescue. Business people may begin to realize that money will not necessarily give them peace of mind and they know not how to untangle themselves from the web of their own creation.


Someone you know and can trust will offer you some monetary advice. Act upon in it and you are likely to gain. Those working in private organization are likely to be in elevated positions soon followed by an increase in remuneration. People with a creative flair will shine. If you are keen on a career in the media or working in television serials make contact with right people. Love life goes through strange circumstances.


At your work place if you are working as a leader of a team and certain assignments have been given to you it will be your bounden duty to complete it in time without any errors so that you do not have to be held responsible for some inadvertent mistakes. News from abroad is encouraging and you may like to follow up with further details as it promises to be a good opportunity to develop better business relationships.


Some changes are indicated in your work surroundings. A new management may recast assignments. This does not spell disaster. It is likely that your income will go up and your new group may show respect for your knowledge and experience. Your yearning for social service may inspire you to take up some activity concerning children and the elderly. You have to be wary of those trying to associate with your work with some ulterior motives.


While you are sure about the opportunity for change is coming your way there is no reason to be negligent in your present job and jeopardizing your position. In the negotiations it will be wiser for you to accept a reasonable financial offer because if you ask for more there are chances that you may lose out. Friends and associates in high and important office will go out of their way to help you. A fresh employee or a neighbor may attract your attention.