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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 23-02-2018


There is steady flow in income and you may be tempted to make some investments. Be cautious and keep the amounts small. Plan your budget at home to meet all the necessary expenditure. You will get some good advice from someone who has more experience than you and will also be trustworthy. There are opportunities to meet a member of opposite sex who is interesting and exciting. A brief romance is a possibility.


Circumstances are turning in your favor. Concentrate on the target you wish to reach. Your accomplishments so far have been quite remarkable. Though you have not achieved your goal you are moving ahead in the right direction and it is now within your grasp. Matters at home are happy and joyful. There will be a celebration where the family is likely to be reunited after a long time.


Financial gains are indicated in short-term ventures or even in a speculative transaction. If you proceed carefully you may reap rich dividends in the future from a daring move made now. You may be given an unusual opportunity through the goodwill and loyalty of a friend.


Take life easy especially since you have time to spare. Spend it with your colleagues so that they can appreciate the human side of your nature, as the impression you have given is of an overachiever. This in turn improves your business and profit. Your love life is bound to be sweeter with a dinner at a quiet place, which may be expensive but worth it.


You are bound to gain if you follow up a tip that you receive concerning an investment. The employed can look forward to news of a promotion and an increase in income. Those in artistic and creative fields will do very well. Do not pay heed to unsolicited criticism. At work a romantic interest develops. Do not be in a rush to make things happen. Give yourself time to evaluate your feelings and the intentions of the person concerned.


You will be happy that a unique and novel idea of yours will be appreciated and could turn out to be real money-spinner. You may be tempted to start an independent new venture all on your own. Support that you are seeking will be made available to you. You have a hectic evening ahead. You may meet a person whose company you enjoy. A frivolous association can only be short-lived.


New developments and financial gains are indicated after a meeting with an important person. This could well mean the beginning of some of the major projects that you have in mind. Your mind will be more on security and plans for the future. A family gathering to celebrate an auspicious event will be fun. Some of you will be traveling for a holiday-cum-pleasure trip with the family, perhaps to your hometown.


You will be able to achieve much of what you want to do. However you will have to work really hard for it. There are certain jealous elements around you that will try to create obstacles in your path. The only way to overcome such forces is to ignore and concentrate on your work. At a social function or party you feel bored. It is not easy to make friends that fast so look for the best in others. Be a good listener and you will be surprised at how many friends you make.


A deal is offered which seems bit shady. Refusal to compromise on your principles is the best option. Progress in career and business is assured hence there is no need to jeopardize your name and reputation. A message you get clears all doubts and paves the way for steady progress as planned. You are lucky in love. You can afford to be impulsive and do something totally out of character and not be judged.


You can look forward to news of long desired promotion. There could be news of a complete change of environment for you. It may not appear convenient right now but you will be able to work out the logistics of it all later and to your satisfaction. Monetary gains are good. In love try a softer approach for happiness. You will be able to find a few tender moments with your beloved in an otherwise busy hectic schedule of work and family responsibilities.


Financially you feel on top of the world as an expected deal goes through. Travel overseas or news from overseas will be exciting. A purchase of some property or a vehicle will add to your exuberance. With every reason to celebrate there is tendency to over eat that cause health problem. If away from your beloved you are likely to be in touch or plan a surprise visit to be together. Expect an expensive indulgence from the one who loves you.


Favorable trends are indicated at work. Writing assignments, giving lecture or participating in an important meeting will keep you busy. Travel for work is likely. It will give you an opportunity to expand your horizons and form new relationships.