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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 22-08-2017


This is the right time to ask for help if you need it. Adjustments are necessary almost at every level. You must adapt to some things that you cannot change. Do not be rigid and accept readily with grace. Use your money wisely, for there may be several demands. A long distance journey to a pilgrim spot or the need to meet a person you look up to is likely. The need to get an unbiased opinion about your affairs is strong.


A new vista of opportunity opens up to offer you better prospects in your career. If keen to set up your own business now is the right time to take the plunge. Financial support will not be a problem for it can be raised from within the family or through the aegis of a close friend. The fancy free get romantically involved with someone they meet at a social function in the family. A happy relationship ensues.


Travel plans proceed smoothly. Writers, journalists and those in creative fields will be in the limelight. Your work will get favorable reviews. Hectic mental and physical activity could get you down. This is a good time to focus on achieving mental peace and keeping yourself physically fit. After a busy day try to sort out all that is on your mind. If you are in love it is time to level with yourself to know exactly where and how far you want to go in this association.


New opportunities offer better prospects for growth in your career. There could be some more lucrative inquiries from overseas, which are worth considering. Students will receive good news concerning a training program or their selection for a cultural event. Those in love have a strong bond and share intimate moments of togetherness in each other’s company. Domestic affairs run smoothly.


Things are moving rather slowly and you have set yourself certain goals. You will find an opening today that may increase the pace a bit. Trust and faith in love are fine but do not under estimate the persuasive powers of someone who is out to make a play for your beloved.


Your immediate needs require hard work and perseverance and your efforts will be rewarded. If you are constrained seek help do not hesitate to ask for it. This will also give you a chance to also make it to a colleague you have been avoiding of late. Your current behavior is causing hurt and anguish to one who loves you dearly. It is in your own interest to stop playing games.


Financially, you are in a position of strength and could expand your existing business. If keen to diversify in a new area of work, you can now take the plunge. You have a profitable day. You seem to have found direction, which you may have been lacking earlier. You may have to make a few compromises and give into the whims of a loved one. The outcome will make your efforts worth it.


Make the most of the good trends present in your work environment. You will get an opportunity to work on a prestigious project independently. Those associated with art or television media will be in the news. There is marked improvement in your personal and social life. Work at bringing back the sparkle into your life. One works to create security but if there is no body to share it with it could be total waste of time.


You need to work hard and complete your current assignments on schedule it if you want to stay out of trouble. There is stiff competition but you will succeed even against heavy odds. A prestigious business offer will lead to gain. Love life may seem a bit uncertain.


The pressure of new work, which comes along suddenly, could upset your plan for taking a break or withdrawing from routine work. There may be some problems at home. Perhaps heavy entertaining has increased expenses and you are now finding it difficult to cater to the needs of the family.


Your performance at your work is highly appreciated and is sure to be considered when promotions are taken up. Some exciting offers for new business could materialize Differences with your mate over trivial matters are likely and but with a little prudence you can avoid problem issues.


Avoid haste in concluding a fresh agreement. Evaluate all pros and cons as also its profitability. It is possible that the facts may have been manipulated to show unrealistic profits. Instead of taking any risks follow the regular procedures. Seek help and advice if need be. Someone close who may have created problems for you may ask for a chance to make amends. Forgiveness will help release negative emotions.