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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 20-10-2017


You will make headway in your work and career through sheer hard work and also through an important contact that you recently made. However, don't expect immediate results from your efforts. A minor misunderstanding at work should not be allowed to spoil your day. Important developments within the family will make you happy.


New ideas and improved methods for completing difficult duties may bring benefits. Make use of opportunities for increased prestige. There is a tendency to speak before you think and this could get you into a lot of trouble. Additional finances for work will be made available to you. Personal life is in focus today. A love relationship or marital bonds get strengthened, giving you great pleasure and happiness.


Do not refuse a good work proposal that is offered to you. It may mean that you have to stretch yourself but it will be worth it. Initiate negotiations for better terms, which will be favorably considered. Expand your horizons. Meet new people. Your mate or partner could have his or her own difficulties too that also need sorting out.


While you may increase your income there is a great responsibility coming your way, which will mean more financial burden. With clever money management it will not pose a problem. If connected with international trade, you will benefit through signing a long-term contract. Lack of time could mar the Contentment in your relationship. Others will be quick to take advantage of the situation and create more trouble.


You will have a demanding profitable day at work. Those working jointly or in partnership will make rapid progress in their work activities. Some of you will take charge of an important project, which will assure a steady income. Things seem to be moving ahead slowly. A family gathering to celebrate a happy occasion is likely. Those in love will be introducing their beloved to the family.


You are confronted with unusual problem at work. This can intrigue you and yet you may even succeed in solving it. Keep a promise you have recently made to yourself. Also fulfill any work aims you set yourself for the day. If you are meeting someone for the first time rest assured that you will make a good impression. It may not be love at first sight but is a good beginning.


A good time is indicated. You win acclaim as well as financial gains for work done well. You will feel much more positive and optimistic about the future. An important journey will be fruitful. This is something perhaps you have been planning for a long time. You will feel happy and content in your relationship. Doubts or fears about the past are overcome. Love on a journey is likely.


Work your way around obstacles that are standing in your way. However, you will have to improve your rapport with others to get ahead. Any neglect in following your routine may result in problems at work. Do not allow delays in any paperwork to get the better of you. Home and family affairs are important. Your mate or beloved may be unreasonable and demand more attention and you could feel helpless.


A comfortable financial position makes you reconnoiter new areas of investment. New projects started now will yield large profits. There is growth and expansion indicated from regular work and investments. Meetings will go off well for you today. Love life is exciting and those keen to settle down in matrimony will get a good marriage proposal and get engaged soon.


You may take over major assignment that requires full time effort to see it through. There is more fame than money to be gained. Those appearing for interviews, written tests or applying for tenders will be successful. But will have work hard to maintain the top slot. This is the time to tell the one you love of your feelings rather than remaining just a silent admirer. The response will be good.


A good financial position is indicated. A purchase of some property or house will be an asset that you have been planning for long. Your new proposals will do well and bring in profits. Try to concentrate on one thing at a time. You may not need to take loan after all. Happiness and excitement is all around. You will be making important plans for the future with loved ones or your mate.


If you strongly feel for a certain plan of action for investment then follow it through and do not get put off by self appointed advisers who do not understand what you are up to. You will succeed provided you proceed step by step and not go overboard in your enthusiasm. In a love relationship follow your gut feelings and things will work out. Watch out for misunderstandings which happen needlessly.