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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 24-01-2017


You may get some good news about your job or career that has been bothering you for some time. Problems that you thought were rather difficult to solve will be sorted out with ease. You have the financial and moral support of an important person which in itself is inspiring An important moral issue gets concluded favorably giving you a lot of mental relief. An expensive purchase for your beloved or family is reason enough to celebrate.


A hectic schedule keeps you busy throughout the day. Routine work will bring in money. Expenses are also likely. Perhaps more than you had expected. Avoid giving loans now. Repayment could take time. Despite a busy social life, you will successfully conclude the work on hand. Your worry about other things could be mistaken as lack of interest by your mate or beloved. If someone is in a bad mood you know the reason.


You will be in a positive and aggressive frame of mind. Completing reports, preparing for meeting or seminar or exhibition, sale and purchase, are some of the activities of the day. You seem to be on the right track but watch out for a tendency to be overconfident. You will share moments of intimacy and togetherness with your beloved. If single and eligible you will now decide to settle down happily.


You seem to have lost enthusiasm for any action. Something seems lacking and it is hard to focus on things. You may be aspiring for that elusive job or position for which there is much competition. Tap your resources to get what you want. You will not be disappointed. Relationships could suffer if you let minor irritants upset you.


You will capably handle a tricky meeting and sign a fresh deal on good terms. Hard work has been your plus point but it should not result in over strain affecting your efficiency at work. Find time to relax. Some of you are likely to travel on work-cum-pleasure.


There will some good news regarding some gains coming your way. A long desired ambition could also get fulfilled. Those in the artistic or creative field will do very well. There is every reason for you to celebrate and you could meet some interesting people at such a get-together. You are popular in your circle of friends but where close relationships are concerned there remains a void and a feeling of emptiness.


Look forward to good news about a career enhancement, perhaps something you have been expecting for long. If you have been busy with a creative venture or writing assignment you will be able to complete it today. Besides work you may also have to fulfill a social obligation this evening. All differences and discord vanish. Those in love will be able to formalize their relationship with the blessings of the family.


Avail of any opportunity that comes along. If planning to invest or taking a risk, go ahead by taking a few necessary precautions. At home today keep conversation away from the sensitive issues or areas, which have the potential of opening old wounds. Time will take care of the problems at hand.


Positive developments in matters of work and finance are likely. Those who are planning to travel are assured a good journey and success in their mission. You will be at your best when dealing with people. Your ideas and schemes will be received and accepted. There could be some good news about a marriage or addition in the family soon. You may have to travel soon to take part in the festivities.


Do not leave things to chance. Try to handle all-important assignments personally to achieve the maximum results. This way your rapport with colleagues also improves and you are able to achieve a lot more. Make sure that you are handling money matters carefully. A loved one you have not seen in a long time will be in touch today. Catching with old times is fine but do not neglect responsibilities to home and family.


Hectic work activity could keep you busy throughout the day. In the evening, you may relax and make future travel plans for a business cum pleasure trip. Socially, this is an active and monetarily an expensive period. There may be many a get together and an important celebration to attend.


It will be difficult to maintain your schedule. Try not to resort to panic measures. Keep cool, and learn to organize yourself better. A chance encounter with a person of the opposite sex may lead to instant rapport and friendship. You could get romantically entangled.