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Daily Forecast

Prediction for 16-12-2017


You will do well at work and monetary gains are indicated. Perhaps you may be cited for an honor for a recent achievement. Those who have been unwell will make a quick recovery. A happy occasion will be celebrated in the family. This maybe something, you have been really looking forward to. You shine out at a social gathering as a charming attractive person. A meeting with a new friend has the makings of a torrid romance.


You will feel happy and satisfied as some of the problems which were causing you worry get sorted out much more easily than expected. Pending Legal problems will now be speeded up. An assignment of some importance will be completed in time. You may have to undertake a discussion for negotiating a delicate issue for a youngster.


Be practical in matters about money. If you have travel plans in mind, make sure budget allows you to do the same. Keep expenses down and avoid taking a loan. Complete difficult tasks before attempting to try your hand with the easy ones. A close family member may need some backing from you. Regardless of your other responsibilities you will have find time for love and your commitment to your beloved which is important.


You may have accepted extra responsibilities that are now interfering in your routine work. There is no harm in getting out of this mess by accepting your mistake and withdrawing. You will make plans for a journey on work. This will be a profitable and an exciting experience.


You could get a large amount of money as an advance payment. Even though financial position is strong, this money will be of great help. You will succeed in establishing a perfect rapport with colleagues and associates which helps you to improve your position at work. In a new relationship, if you are looking for fun then you are playing with fire. It seems you have met your match.


Your stand to gain financially but your lack of patience and stubborn nature could land you in a spot especially if you are trying to negotiate a sensitive issue related to work. If you reach a deadlock then it would be better to withdraw and try again when things are more favorable.


Later today you may get a tempting job or work offer from someone you do not know. You need to be cautious. In a personal relationship that has faced some problems; a tender apology from you would work wonders. At a social get-together you will be at your charming best.


You will be in your element now. With a little extra cash in your pocket, you will be much more optimistic about the future. Happiness and joy in all you do is assured. Family affairs run smoothly. Others will be very co-operative and even help you financially. Health wise, you will be full of vitality.


Devote more time and effort to your present task that appears to be slowing down. Plan work schedules well in advance to save delays later. Working late along with heavy responsibilities at home could affect your health. Some of you could suffer from stress. A relaxing time with family will ease your problems away.


You have a good chance of improving your image at your work place by coming up with a neat solution to a problem. In your business if you wish to make optimum use of your capital cut some wasteful expenditure and improve productivity. For Property issues wait for a more opportune time.


You will receive wide acclaim and honor for your work. Purchase of a vehicle or property will be beneficial. Those who are keen on higher studies abroad will be making plans to leave. A family gathering to celebrate a happy occasion is likely. Perhaps there will be an addition to the family. At a social get-together you will be very much in demand. Those participating in sports or out-door events will do well.


Outings and meetings will be a success. You have worked hard and done well for yourself. People will go out of their way to be nice to you. An unguarded remark by you could undo the harmony gained in a work relationship. Try to relax a little and take things easy. The married have an understanding supportive mate to share their thoughts with.