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Astrology - Guidance & Insights

Astrology - Guidance & Insights.

As Humans we all wish to become rich, famous, lead a prosperous life, achieve our goals, get married and lead a happy life. 

And most people do work hard at acquiring wealth but few achieve the affluence they aspire for in their lives. There are many people having great wealth at their disposal but they may not be well known, while it is not unlikely that a person may be famous but without having any significant wealth. You may be married and not happy. Have children but do not feel completeness.

Apart from your talent, intellect, hard work, perseverance, aptitude and application of knowledge, the luck factor plays a significant role in life. Astrology can provide some useful guidance and insights into your life. Consult Jagjit Uppal if you require guidance to your life

Paid Services:

Business/Career: Is job or business favorable for you? Are you having losses in business? You wish to change your job but despite several interviews lose out at the last moment? The current planetary configuration in your birth chart indicate obstacles and the more favorable time to fulfill your objectives will be …

Love/Marriage: When will you get married and the type of person you will have as a partner? Have you gone through a couple of love relationships but found no stability? Check out why through your birth chart?

Match Making: Do your horoscopes match for a happy and fulfilling married life?

Children: Married for several years but no children. Medical advice indicates all is normal. Will you ever have children?

Education: What should be the study of your specialization to have a successful career in life, or what should be your line of business?

Consult Jagjit Uppal for any of the queries you may have today and receive your guidance and insight into your life.

Ask Jagjit Uppal
(Career, Business, Love, Marriage, Health, Education)
Rs. 5100
Two QuestionsRs. 6900
MatchmakingRs. 7500
Question regarding a couple
(Eg. Child birth, etc.)
Rs. 6900
Consult Jagjit Uppal on phoneRs. 15000
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