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Gems Of Fortune


Precious stones (and metals) have fascinated mankind by their sheer luminosity and colour, and have served as items of adornment reinforced by a belief in their occult powers. Since Vedic times it has been an accepted belief that gems have curative and prophylactic qualities that influence man's fate. People seek guidance from wise astrologers to select a particular gemstone that will enhance their fortune and protect them from evil planetary influence.
In this feature, I shall discuss the talismanic qualities of various gemstones. While choosing one’s birthstone it is important to select it after detailed study of one’s birth-chart. One should neither select one’s birthstone according to the month in which one is born nor on the strength of one’s Zodiac sign. These are broad classification and hence may not be very effective. It is only through a proper study of the birth-chart of an individual through astrology that can reveal the best gemstone for the person.
After erecting the horoscope, the astrologer has to ascertain the strength of each planet and their effects on the individual. A planet found weak in birth-chart tends to harm and hinder the progress of a person. In such an event, astrologer advises him/her to wear the gemstone governed by this particular planet. Sometimes the astrologers advise to wear particular gemstones, whose ruler is situated very strongly, in one’s nativity. This helps to enhance the good qualities indicated by the planet to assure progress, prosperity, physical and mental well being of the person. Even the physical characteristics of an individual could give us a clue as to the person’s ruling planet. Once you have understood the ruling planet by observing the physical built, the personality likes and dislikes, and the choice of profession, it will become easier for you to choose your lucky gemstones. In this feature on gems, I have tried to elucidate qualities of each gemstone, and also the professions ruled by different planets. There are nine planets, nav-graha, governing nine gems, nav-ratna, traditionally accepted in Hindu astrology. These are Sun, -governing ruby, Moon - pearl, Mars – coral, Mercury – emerald, Jupiter, - Pukhraj or yellow sapphire, Venus - diamond,
Saturn, Blue sapphire, Rahu, - Hessonite and Ketu – cat’s eye. Astral gemstones can be worn, either singly or in combination. The traditionally favoured combination being the nav-ratna. As this combination is very powerful in its effects, it should be worn under the direction of an astrologer. No two stones governed by planets hostile and inimical towards one another should be placed adjacently. Even if one single planet is badly situated in one’s birth chart, its inclusion in the combination could counter the beneficial effects of other gems. Other important aspect to be considered is the purpose for which a gemstone is to be worn. If it is for physical well being then one has to wear a gemstone, which governs one’s physical health. Even those well versed in astrology are likely to overlook this important aspect while prescribing a birthstone. Imagine one who needs a boost in his career wears a precious stone, which governs his health. He is sure to be hale and hearty but will continue to struggle throughout his life without achieving any success in career.
I shall briefly discuss the properties of various gemstones and their significance in astrology. Those who know their birthstone will profit more by this feature. Others should ascertain their lucky gems either after proper study of an individual’s birth chart and/or by determining the ruling planet after proper observation of one’s physical characteristics such as built, personality and profession before selecting a stone for enhancing or enriching their lives. Of course a person as an item of jewellery can wear any gem, but not for using these as remedial measure.

Wear a Ruby for Power & Fame

Ruby is a precious gem, dark red in colour. In Hindi and Sanskrit, it is known as Manek, Lohit, Pasmaraga, Vasuratna and Raviratna. In Persian it is called Yakut. Ruby is available in various shades of red. A good ruby is bright and sparkling red in colour. When exposed to the rays of the morning Sun, it emits red coloured rays. While buying a ruby, one should be extremely careful that gem is flawless, that is, it should not have cracks or spots in it. Sometimes imitation rubies are sold as genuine, and it is impossible for us to distinguish between the two. Garnets, red spinel, or red tourmaline can easily be passed off as rubies. The ruby should be at least of three carets in weight. But it being an expensive gemstone, even if one buys this gem of lesser in weight, it is still believed to confer beneficial results. It should be set in gold ring and to be worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Wearing a ruby ring on Sunday proves favourable and propitious. If one wears it on the day when moon is transiting the constellation Pushya, Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, or Uttarashada, it is supposed to bring remarkable results.
The Sun the giver of life is the ruler of ruby. Agriculture, agricultural goods, a farmer who ploughs the fields, and those in politics or connected with government, is governed by the Sun. In every sphere of activity, fame and popularity is the domain of the Sun. One can be highly successful or rich but to be famous one must have the Sun in favourable position in one’s birth chart. Such a person can derive great benefit by wearing a ruby.
Sun being the source of energy, the centre of creation, is also the indicator of progeny in astrology. It being the fiery planet, infertility in the women can be caused by a weak Sun in their nativity. If planets like Jupiter and Venus are also weak in a horoscope, such women tends to become frigid and can never bear children. In some cases birth of daughter or daughters are indicated. Wearing a ruby in such cases is supposed to minimise the ill effects of the weak Sun such as inferiority complex, inhibitions and melancholia.
Those who suffer from heart aliments such as palpitation, irregular circulation, and blood pressure or from ophthalmic complaints can wear ruby as a remedial measure. Ruby should be worn singly and not in combination with other gemstones.
A proper study of one’s birth- chart is of utmost importance before one decides to wear a gemstone. Astrologers in comparison to precious stones like blue sapphire, coral and hessonite (Gomed) consider ruby relatively harmless.

Wear a Pearl for Security & Stability

In Hindi and Sanskrit Pearl is called Moti or Mukta and in Persian Mukhavid. A good quality pearl is one, which is soft to touch, white in colour, and sparkling in appearance. A black spot on a pearl is considered inauspicious and such a stone should not be worn. In astrology, such a pearl is known as Crow’s pearl and is supposed to bring ill luck or health problems, on one who wears it. The pearl should be at least two or four carats in weight, and set in silver or gold. If set in a ring it should be worn on the index or the little finger of either hand. For women, it is advisable to be worn in a pendent for good results. Wearing the pearl on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday proves very favourable and propitious. And if the Moon transit the constellation Pushya on the day one wears a pearl, it yields remarkable results. A proper study of an individual ‘s birth chart is very important before one decides to wear a gemstone. Though wearing a pearl is considered harmless by astrologers, but those suffering from epilepsy, asthma, dysentery, colitis, or cancer, should be particularly careful while choosing this gemstone.
In astrology the moon is supposed to rule pearls. Those governed by Moon can be recognised from their tall, round figures. They have grey eyes and generally curly hairs. Men governed by Moon grow bald in mid thirties. People ruled by the Moon are restless, though lazy by disposition. They are temperamental and unstable in their relationship. Since they are gifted with quick, fertile brain they can easily grasp new ideas though they could be slow in executing their plans.
The Moon rules over work connected with shipping, politics, cinema industry, jewellery, interior decoration, photography, painting, or writing. In your birth chart the strength of the Moon will decide the degree of success you will enjoy in your career. Those associated with the above mentioned professions could wear pearl to enhance their career prospects.
The pearl is worn to achieve stability in one’s life and career. The Moon being the cold planet, its improper and unfavourable positioning in birth chart often causes cold and migraine. For such persons wearing a pearl can bring a lot of relief. Women suffering from gynaecological complaints or irregularity of monthly cycle are advised to wear this gemstone. Children, especially new born, who are constantly ill, are supposed to benefit a lot by wearing a pearl around their neck.
To conclude, when wearing a pearl do not set it in combination with diamond, blue sapphire, or hessonite, for it is supposed to be hostile and inimical to these gemstones.

Coral for Mangalik

Coral is governed by planet Mars. In astrology great importance is attached to this planet, especially when considering a match for marriage. The position of the planet Mars in individual nativity decides the happiness or failure of conjugality. In this feature we shall briefly discuss the properties of coral and its effects upon the wearer. In Hindi and Sanskrit it is known as Moonga, Praval, Vidrum and Angarakmani. In Persian it is known as Mirzan. Coral is found in the sea. A good quality coral is shinning red in colour with slight orange hue. It should be round or oval, or triangular in shape. A long narrow coral should not be worn for it brings ill luck. White spots found on coral portend health problems to the wearer. A double shade on coral is considered inauspicious. The coral should be set in gold. Its weight should be between three to six carats. The ring should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand.
In astrology Mars, the ruler of coral is attributed to having a fiery temperament, animal spirit and fighting power. It signifies energy, ambitions and desire. Armed forces and the police personnel are ruled by the red planet Mars. Engineers, doctors especially dental surgeons, lawyers, and those dealing in iron and steel, dry fruits, intoxicants and landed estates and building contractors are all governed by the Mars. Mars also rules transport, and automobile dealers. Those belonging to the professions mentioned above can wear coral for enhancing their career prospects. Those born with Mars predominant in their birth chart are medium in height, muscular and they have well-developed chest and shoulders, narrow waist and dark brown hair. They generally have a rosy or ruddy complexion and light coloured eyes. Such people can wear coral to derive maximum benefits through its prophylactic qualities.
Women born under beneficial placement of Mars in their birth chart are assured of a long and happy married life. Wearing of coral by such women assures them stable and prosperous life. Astrologers hold coral in high regards as wearing it assures protection against burns, wounds, accidents, and ill luck. But to enjoy such a fortunate trait and felicity, one must be born with a strong Mars, the ruler of coral. If one is afflicted with acute fever, smallpox, measles, mumps, ulcers in the intestines, then one should not wear this gemstones. In Hindu system of astrology, certain placement of Mars in a birth-chart is considered very inauspicious and detrimental to marital bliss. Such cases are known as Mangalik, or those having Mangal dosha. There’s general belief that a Mangalik person should marry a Mangalik to balance the negative effects of Mars. It is not the scope of the present features to give details of Mangal-dosha, and how to minimise its negative influences. However, a Mangalik person can wear coral to mitigate the harmful effects or malefic influence of Mars.
Contrary results like theft loss of job, accident etc. are experienced by those who either have a weak Mars in their birth-chart or if coral does not suit a person. This gem should not be set in combination with emerald, blue, sapphire or hessonite.

Wear Hessonite to Fulfil Your Ambition

In Hindi and Sanskrit Hessonite is called Gomed or Gomedaka. In Persian it is known as Zarcunia or Zargun. It is brownish red in colour. The gem should be translucent and smooth to touch. A rough and opaque Hessonite should be rejected, for it is supposed to bring ill luck. Astrologers do not accept a hessonite red in colour, for it is supposed to cause health problems to one who wears it. A dull and rough hessonite causes friction in love relation. A hessonite having curve or dent over it causes financial setback. Do not buy hessonite having black dots over it, for it can cause upheaval at home. Hessonite should be between four and six carats in weight. It should be set in a silver ring and worn in the middle finger of the right hand. One must be very cautious when deciding to wear this gemstone. A thorough study of one’s birth chart is of utmost importance before one decides to wear a hessonite.
In astrology Rahu, the Dragon’s head, is believed to rule Hessonite. Rahu is referred to a planet though in reality it is not a heavenly body, but an imaginary point in the Zodiac. With earth as the centre, the Sun appears to move along elliptic path, with its plane at an incline of 23 degree to the terrestrial equator. The Earth's satellite Moon, orbits around the earth. The two elliptic paths of the Moon and the Earth intersect each other at two point's 180 degrees apart. These points of intersection formed when Moon’s motion is from south to north, is known as the ascending node, or the north node of the Moon, also known as Rahu, the Dragon’s head. This is one of the most sensitive points in the Zodiac, where the Sun and the Moon during transit over this section, get eclipsed. This point is supposed to cast a shadow on the luminaries, and hence in Hindu astrology, Rahu is called Chhayagraha (shadowy planet). In fact, when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are in line the Earth's shadow is cast on Moon during the full Moon and over the Sun during the dark night, that happens at the point of intersection of the two elliptic. Hence these points are called Chhayagraha.
All those connected with profession governed by Rahu such as farming, cinema industry, and engineering etc. can wear hessonite to promote their career. Those connected with public life or politics can achieve maximum benefit by wearing hessonite. Mining, heavy engineering goods, photography are also the domains of Rahu. Those in whose birth chart Rahu is well placed can wear hessonite to enhance their career prospects.
The mystics or those practising occultism are believed to favour and propitiate Rahu, represented by hessonite, to achieve intuitive knowledge and power. Wearing hessonite without proper study of a birth chart can cause lots of upheaval in a wearer’s life, especially in love relationship. Rahu along with its opposite node Ketu act as dividing force in one’s family or love relationship depending upon its location in one’s horoscope. Hence a through study of an individual’s birth chart is very important before deciding to wear this gemstone.

Topaz Brings Good Fortune

In astrology, Jupiter rules topaz. In Hindi and Sanskrit topaz is known as Pukhraj, Pushparga, Peetmani. It is available in shades of yellow, saffron and white. A good quality topaz is pale yellow in colour, transparent and sparkling. When kept on a piece of white paper and exposed to sunlight, it emits a yellow coloured ray. When buying this gemstone, look out for flaws like spots or net-like formation in it. A red coloured topaz is believed to cause financial setback to its wearer. Topaz should be at least three carats in weight. Those who can afford it can buy the gem of seven or even nine carats, which is supposed to be highly propitious. It should be set in gold and worn either in pendent or in a ring. If set in a ring it should be worn on index finger of the right hand. Choose Thursday to wear this gem, and if on that day the Moon be transiting the constellation Pushya the gem becomes extremely potent to give good results to the wearer. Jupiter, the ruler of topaz is a great beneficial planet in astrology. Hence wearing topaz can never bring any ill effects to its wearer. However, the extent to which one benefits by wearing topaz depends upon the strength of Jupiter in one’s natal or birth chart.
Topaz represents knowledge and wisdom. It also indicates one’s material prosperity. However, Jupiter is believed to endow one with learning and wisdom, or gives monetary affluence and power. Rarely does this planet combine both. Its position in the zodiac at the time of one’s birth can show which way it will effect a person. Professions like law, teaching, research, journalism, are governed by Jupiter. In medicine, Jupiter, also rules specialists in the treatment of cancer. Sportsmen especially athletes and long distance runners also come under the influence of Jupiter. All those connected with the above mentioned vocations could wear topaz to their advantage.
Jupiter governs one’s appetite. Those desirous of putting on weight are greatly helped by wearing topaz. It is believed that it increases one’s appetite and keeps one healthy and active. In Hindu system of astrology, Jupiter rules over marriage and progeny. It is known as the presiding deity for conjugal rites. A weak or debilitated Jupiter in one’s natal or birth chart, especially in the sector of marriage, causes delays or sometimes no marriage at all. Such person is advice to wear topaz, to strengthen Jupiter. Women suffering from Mangal dosha in their horoscope, should wear topaz, to minimise the ill effects of the planet Mars. However, in such cases, wearing this gem yields favourable results after the person attains the age of 30 years. A weak Jupiter in women’s chart brings gynaecological problems. Such women should wear topaz for improving their health. Jupiter rules over the circulation of blood and fat in the body. It also controls the functioning of the liver. The combination of bad transits and weak Jupiter at birth causes complaints like jaundice, hernia, liver problems, skin disease and cerebral congestion. In such cases it is believed that wearing topaz can act as a remedial measure against diseases governed by Jupiter. As in case of any other gemstone, topaz should not be worn in combination with hessonite. Women wearing topaz in a pendent should not combine it with diamond, which has properties totally different from those of topaz.

Blue Sapphire for Prosperity

Amongst the gemstones, astrologers rate blue Sapphire as the most powerful and potent in giving results, good or bad, depending on the position of the Saturn (ruler of Sapphire) in one’s birth chart. In Hindi and Sanskrit blue Sapphire is called Neelam, Neelmani, or Indraneel. A good quality Sapphire is peacock blue in colour, and is transparent. When exposed to the rays of the Sun, blue rays are emitted from this gem. One should be very careful while buying this gem, because the defective Sapphire, which has a milky white shade, or one with net like formation in it, is believed to bring ill effects on the wearer. One should take this gem on approval basis and keep it on one’s person for about a fortnight. If during this period one experiences any evil results like sleeplessness, accident, theft, fight or quarrels it indicates that it is not suitable. A Sapphire should be four carats in weight and set in a ring of white metal. This being an expensive gemstone one can even buy Sapphire of lesser weight and can still benefit from its prophylactic values provided the quality of the gem is good. The ring should be worn on the middle finger of either hand.
A weak Saturn at one’s birth causes lots of problems and troubles. Those dealing in iron, lead, leather goods, minerals, heavy machinery, and insurance or in building construction should wear Sapphire to achieve success. Political activities come under the domain of Saturn. Social workers or those in active politics can derive great benefit by wearing a blue Sapphire. Those, in whose birth chart the planet Saturn is well placed, can wear this gem to enhance their career prospects.
Individuals ruled by the planet Saturn are tall, lean and usually dark complexioned, lean faced with serious or gloomy expression. Though hard working, they prefer sedentary jobs to outdoor activities. They are highly ambitious. They come to command great power, authority and monetary affluence by the age of 50, as Saturn being an old planet, farthest in our solar system (not considering Neptune, Herschel and Pluto) gives beneficial results only late in life. Saturn being cold and barren it brings discord and disharmony in love. But those who have a well-placed Saturn in their horoscope can wear Sapphire. It may not cause any ill effects on their love life. But in such cases wearing of this gem often brings about several entanglements, which could cause instability in one’s love life. In Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna is supposed to have been born with strong Saturn governing his married life.
It is that believed if Sapphire suits a person, he or she can be assured of long life prosperity and fame. A favourable Saturn also assures physical well being. But those suffering from arthritis, gout, leprosy, or dental complaints, should get their horoscope thoroughly checked before choosing to wear Sapphire. In certain cases like common cold, melancholia, or even stammering wearing this gemstone is believed to bring great relief to the wearer. While wearing Sapphire one should avoid red coloured clothes. The red colour is ruled by the Sun and Mars, that are considered the enemies of Saturn, one becomes prone to accidents or burns. Sapphire should be worn singly and not in combination of any other gem. Special care is to be taken that Sapphire is not worn along with pearl, ruby, coral and cat’s eye.

Emerald: The Gem for Knowledge

Emerald the dark green gem is highly favoured by astrologers. In Hindi and Sanskrit, this precious stone is known as Pan. This is available in various shades of green. A good quality Emerald is dark green in colour, shinning and transparent. It should not have a net like formation in it, which is supposed to cause ill health to its wearer. Some lesser quality Emerald has a smoky or cloud-like pattern in it. Such a gem should be rejected. Lookout for flaws like black dots or lines, which renders Emerald inauspicious. Though Emerald should be of three carats in weight, but being very expensive, one can wear this gem of lesser weight and still benefit from it, provided it is genuine and of good quality. It can be set in silver or gold ring and worn on the little finger on the right hand. The ring should be worn on Wednesday and if on that day Moon is in the constellation Haste it proves extremely beneficial.
Those governed by Mercury are short in stature, with sharp features. They generally have a shrill, high-pitched voice. They are very active and restless. Mercury subjects are full of life and zest for living and generally remain youthful until quite an advanced age. They are very sociable and fun-loving, and great entertainers. Those governed by the planet Mercury are committed journalists, business tycoons, astrologers, teachers and often politicians. However, it is in the world of business and industry, where they excel others. All independent entrepreneurs, traders, commission agents, bankers, accountants, hoteliers are ruled by Mercury. If these individuals wear Emerald it proves highly rewarding. Those connected with cinema, theatre, or drama especially actors and scriptwriters, can easily benefit by wearing Emerald.
Since Mercury rules over speech, wearing Emerald can help those suffering from speech defects, like stammering. Those suffering from nervous disorders, amnesia, dry cough, or mental problems can wear Emerald for its remedial qualities.
Mercury being the planet governing intellect and learning students of astrology propitiates it for achieving power of intuition and knowledge to understand astrology. It has been observed that well placed Mercury, along with good combination of Venus, Jupiter, or Saturn makes a brilliant astrologer. Wearing an Emerald can make one popular and enhance social status. Since a strong mercury in a horoscope makes one a good speaker and able conversationalist, one can benefit immensely by wearing this gem. Those connected with public life or politics can derive great advantage by wearing a good quality Emerald
However, care should be taken not to combine Emerald with coral or pearl.

Cat’s Eye: Lovers Charm

Cat’s eye is a white coloured opaque gemstone. At night it shines like a Cat’s eye and hence the name. In Hindi and Sanskrit it is known as Lahsaniya, Vaidurya, or Vidur-ratna. Cat’s eye also comes in various shades of yellow, pale green and black as well. Cat’s eye is marked by a pattern of white stripe on it. The gem having a single white line in the centre of the stone is considered extremely auspicious for bringing prosperity and good health. A gem, which lacks lustre or has a net like formation should be rejected. A red coloured Cat’s eye or which has a white dot rather than a stripe is supposed to cause friction in one’s love life. Cat’s eye should be three carat in weight and set in a sliver ring. It can be worn either on the middle or little finger of either hand.
In astrology, Ketu, Dragon’s tail is considered to be ruler of Cat’s eye. Ketu, though referred to as a planet, is an imaginary point formed by the intersection of the Sun’s orb and the Moon’s elliptic. The elliptic intersect at two points, 180 degrees apart, and these two are known as Moon’s nodes. When the Moon’s motion is from north to south, the point is called the south node or the descending node (Ketu). Since this is an imaginary point, the intersection of the path of two luminaries, namely the Sun and the Moon, it is referred to as Chayya Graha, shadowy planet in Hindu system of astrology. And in this system of astrology, Ketu signifies the end, the unknown, inner self, and high form of learning, mysticism and enlightenment. A weak Ketu in birth chart makes one lazy, lethargic, and good-for-nothing. Such an individual, despite education and learning, may waste away his life doing nothing, because Ketu symbolise negation or the end. In the higher sense negation can be interpreted as detachment or renunciation. A well-placed Ketu in one’s horoscope indicates profound wisdom and learning. Wearing a Cat’s eye could assist those pursuing higher education. Even those who, despite a sound academic background, fail to find steady employment should wear Cat’s eye for improving their prospects. Those engaged in mining, research, or investigative work can also wear this gemstone for achieving progress and stability in their career.
If one is born with Ketu in exaltation or in a very important position in birth chart, such a person even if he or she has taken birth in a poor family will become very rich. Such person should wear Cat’s eye to hasten their success. A strong Ketu governs those who have risen in life from rags to riches.
In astrology Ketu a planet indicating negation, is considered to create obstacles in love and matrimony. Those desirous of marriage, yet having failed to come across the ‘right’ person or unmarried, due to other reasons usually have a weak Ketu in their horoscope. Such a person should wear Cat’s eye to improve their marriage prospects. Women suffering from gynaecological complaints, or an irregular monthly cycle, are also advised to wear this gem. Those who practice Yoga Sadhana or purse higher knowledge can wear this gemstone to advantage. It is believed one can attain great occult powers and acquire intuition by propitiating Ketu represented by Cat’s eye
However, before deciding to wear this gem. A through study of one’s birth chart is of utmost importance, even though a Cat’s eye is considered relatively safe as compared to gems like the blue sapphire, coral or Gomed.

Diamonds for All

Venus, the planet representing love, romance and monetary affluence, rules the Diamonds. In Hindi and Sanskrit the Diamond is called Heera, Vijra, Pavi, Kalish, Arks etc. The Diamond, the most sparkling of all gemstones, is also Ratnaraja the king of gems. A pure white and transparent Diamond is considered the best. It has a sparkling appearance and emits rays of variegated colours. A Diamond with a bluish hue is considered most auspicious. It is known as a blue flame Diamond. The gem, which has a reddish glow, should be rejected, as it is supposed to bring ill lick to the wearer. A Diamond with black dots should not be worn, for it is believed to bring health problems. Diamond being the most favoured gem, there are imitation Diamonds sold as real in the market. Unscrupulous traders pass off sometimes Rutile, or Zircon, or even simple glass as a Diamond. Such gemstones will not yield any results to the wearer. Select the Diamond at least twenty-five cents, set it in platinum, silver or gold, and wear it on the little finger of the either hand. Wearing a diamond on Friday proves extremely propitious. Women can also wear a diamond in a pendent around their neck or wear as ear-studs. Venus is attributed with feminine traits.
Those governed by Venus are average in height, fair complexioned, slightly plump, good0-looking, and have sparkling eyes. They are endowed with a pleasant voice, and have very cheerful disposition. Depending upon other planetary configurations in a birth chart, a strong Venus gives artistic inclinations and success in theatre, cinema, or fine arts. Venus governs all those associated with the automobile industry, silk mills, glass factories, or mines. They can wear a Diamond for the advancement of their career. The planet Venus also rules those employed in the airlines, hotel industry, tea, coffee, and rubber plantations. Such persons should wear Diamond to enhance their career prospects.
Venus indicates love and marriage. A good Venus in a horoscope brings about strong romantic inclinations, which are fulfilled. Even a week Venus causes multiplicity of love affairs, but subsequently leads to disappointment and despair. Such people can wear a Diamond to bring stability in their love life. Those having constant troubles in love or marriage should present a Diamond to their mate to improve their relationship. Apart from this being a valuable gift and a romantic gesture, the prophylactic qualities of diamond could work wonders in a love relationship.
A strong and well-placed Venus in horoscope brings about an early marriage. Such person should opt for diamond for conjugal bliss and material prosperity. However, women finding it difficult to conceive are advised not to wear a diamond, because in astrology, Venus does not favour progeny. Venus also indicates sudden wealth. Those ‘lucky’ in gambling or speculation, or in lotteries, are generally born with strong Venus in their birth chart. The saying ‘lucky in gambling and unlucky in love’ is definitely wrong for those blessed with strong Venus. However, Venus can cause havoc in one’s life. Venus indicates indulgence in gambling, amusement and vice. An unfavourable or malefic Venus in nativity can lead to excessive indulgence and addiction to alcohol, gambling and such vices. Such individuals should never wear a diamond for it will only strengthen rather than check the evil influence of Venus.
Those suffering from skin or venereal disease and women with defective ovaries should not wear Diamonds.
To conclude, it is better to consult an astrologer, before deciding one’s birthstone. However, if choosing a Diamond wear a single Diamond, for the number of gemstones also makes a major difference in its remedial properties? Never combine the diamond with ruby, pearl, topaz or cat’s eye.


Kamini Uppal