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Health Signs - Stay Healthy And Happy



EVERY ONE of us is aware that good health is the key to true happiness, and most of us try to maintain good health by taking appropriate exercise and a balanced diet. But what may be good for one person may not suit the other. Many who indulge in gastronomic delight manage to stay slim and trim; many who are over weight even after denying themselves all kinds of goodies for months, still find their weight in the red. It is perhaps the way an individual’s body reacts to food. In medical terminology it would mean that in certain people the enzymes convert food into energy faster than others do. Astrology gives us some clues as to how to maintain sound health without denying ourselves the best of food. Granted that most of our health problems are controlled by our minds and positive thinking can help alleviate our ills; but how to control sensibilities of our mind is where astrology comes in. In astrology the birth sign indicates one’s strengths and weakness. For example, the fire signs namely Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, burn a lot of energy and consequently require more intake of calories compared to those born under the water signs, like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. In this feature, I shall attempt to give a few hints on how to maintain good health according to one’s particular sun-sign


Avoid the Bottle
You generally enjoy good health. Born with lot of physical energy you are likely to use it up in your hectic work schedule, games and sports. Despite being a voracious eater, you manage to maintain a slim figure. You have enough natural immunity to infectious diseases, but being fiery and aggressive by nature, you could be accident-prone. Those who work in factory or operate machines have to exercise great caution against accidents. Aries governs the head. It is very likely that you suffer from frequent headaches, migraine or sinusitis.

Ear, nose and throat, could also give you cause for complaint. You require plenty of rest and sleep. Where diet is concerned, emphasis should be on wholesome nourishing food. Learn to masticate your food well. You always seem to be in a hurry and that’s where your problems begin. You may be pretty energetic, but you are extremely impatient too. People like you should stay off liquor. You are likely to gulp a drink or two before settling down to enjoy your evenings. Where most heavy drinkers avoid eating after drinking alcohol, in your case it could be reverse. Even after bouts of heavy drinking, you desire to eat full meal. Your digestive system is frequently required to work overtime to keep pace with your idiosyncratic eating habits. And somehow you always choose to have an elaborate dinner and retire to bed immediately thereafter. Insomnia is another problem largely due to irregular eating habits. You should have a good breakfast before dashing off to work. Don’t skip lunch. In a way, you like to starve yourself so that once your are free to eat you can gorge to your heart’s delight. You tend to drink a lot of tea and coffee. Keep a check on that.

Avoid tension and excitement and give yourself time to sit and enjoy your meal. Rest assured you’d never have weight problems that way.



What's wrong with Excercise?
Few can match Taureans when it comes to good health. You may be robust and strong but not necessarily physically fit. Since you adore good food and are indulgent in your eating habits you tend to put on weight. Consequently suffering from problems due to extra weight. You have wonderfully discriminating tastes so much so that you could be called a connoisseur of different cuisine. Quite a few of you may take jobs as chefs if not run your own eating establishment. Few amongst you are discreet in your eating habits. Taureans are known for their strong will power, but when it comes to eating, you cannot resist the tempting aroma of well-cooked food. Naturally you wonder if it’s worth denying oneself all delicacies in the world. The saying “one lives to eat” applies to Taureans. With such a philosophy how can you expect to remain slim and trim? Of course, you didn’t gain all that weight overnight. You have been eating and enjoying food to your heart’s delight all these years. Some of you tend to be figure conscious. And to keep your body in good shape, you diet! You are good at skipping meals. But all the other members of the household have to co-operate with you by not cooking your favourite dish at home. Naturally, they all know your susceptibilities.

Pot-Bellied People
Taurus being an earth sign makes you extremely sensuous. It’s easy for you to gain weight but not as simple to shed it. For apart from going on an occasional crash-diet you rarely do anything to reduce your fat? Few Taureans take physical exercise. Due to the abundant energy that you are endowed with, you tend to choose laborious activities yet you shirk from physical discipline. Governed by the planet Venus, quite a few of you follow artistic pursuits as a career. Singers, cine artistes and painters are born under this sign. And more often than not, you can be spotted by your square frame, thick neck, and (if not careful) potbelly!

The throat is your region of greatest concern. You have to be careful with tonsils, glands, and other throat conditions. The common cold could cause frequent inconvenience. You are also prone to diphtheria and constipation. Minor problems like pimples, acne and blemishes crop up occasionally. The best way to maintain good health is to cut down the intake of calories. Don’t diet, but abstain from munching in between meals. Have a glass of juice, or salad instead. You way even treat yourself to a hearty dinner, and yet will remain healthy and fit. You tend to be fond of sweets and it may be difficult for you to give them up altogether. So, compromise by treating yourself to pastries and sweets only on Sundays. To conclude, be easy on your stomach. Do a lot of exercise, especially for your neck and waistline. A brisk walk or jog may not be of much help. What you need is real vigorous exercise. Keep to the schedule you set for your physical discipline. You are methodical and conscientious in your work, but quite lethargic when it comes to looking after your own body.



Skip Snacks not Meals
We now discuss what makes Geminians healthy and sprightly in spite of they being culinary sybarites. Yes, in this respect Geminians can be termed lucky. You generally lead an active life that may be the reason for your sound health. You have a nervous, busy temperament and always involved with work that requires more mental strain than actual physical labour. It is said that Geminians live on nervous energy, which allows for much accomplishment. But you have to guard against mental strain, which could leave you exhausted. No doubt you lead an active life, but that is no excuse for not taking any physical exercise. If you see someone going through files and business reports while commuting by train or car, chances are that this person is Gemini-born. Your life style could make you high strung and irritable. It is generally through worry and anxiety that you ruin your health. A little exercise and rest could keep you in good physical condition. Your nervous system, arms and hands, along with the respiratory tract, is cause of concern. You may develop allergies of a respiratory nature requiring medical attention. Like Aries, you detest sickness and whenever you fall ill, you immediate rush to doctor. More often than not most Geminians can attend to minor problems themselves. But you tend to believe that popping tablets is magic potion that should give you instant relief. So you continue with your routine, consequently suffering from lack of rest. If you can manage a good sleep, most of your ailments will vanish. But then you are the last to retire to bed at night. You don’t wish to miss any excitement after a busy day.

The Party-Going Type
A regular partygoer, you try to pack too many engagements into a single day. Naturally, you are not working hard just to earn laurels and riches. You want to enjoy yourself and eating is a delightful pastime for you. Due to your occupation you get around so much that you have sampled a lot of different cuisine. You are one of those who are pretty up-to-date on the latest food. It is very likely that you are the owner of a pastry shop. Though you know that stimulants are bad for your nerves, you continue to indulge in drink. Women born under this sign are always nibbling at something or the other. You are known for occasionally skipping your meals. You have a taste for spicy foods and are prone to suffer from indigestion due to your indiscriminate eating habits. What you need most is a balanced life style. You must stop doing things in fits and starts. Regular exercise, regular meals and rest, will keep you healthy and fit. Geminians are rarely over weight. So you do not suffer from the usual hang ups about waistline and sagging muscles. But internally, you may not be free from troubles. Your over active mind could play mischief with your nerves. Perpetual headaches, backaches, colds, and flu could give you trouble. And since Gemini governs the lungs, all pulmonary afflictions should be attended to immediately. To keep yourself healthy have a light breakfast, and if possible, include honey in your diet. Try raw vegetables, salad, or fruit juices for lunch. Have a good nourishing, protein-rich dinner, but at a proper time. Avoid after dinner beverages. Learn to relax.



Take to the Water
CANCER, the fourth sign of the zodiac marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. It is cardinal water sign, and those governed by this sign are generally active and strong. If you are a Cancer subject here are few tips to maintain good health. You are a study in contradictions. One day you are eager, energetic, the next you are quiet and withdrawn. You are fond of eating: you may be an experienced cook yourself. After thoroughly indulging yourself, you tend to go on a crash diet to maintain the balance. You crave for food that is comforting and filling as well. Rice seems to be a must in your diet. Those of you with a taste for alcohol drink like fish. You don’t believe in small doses as far as eating and drinking are concerned. It has been observed that most Cancerians keep in poor health during childhood, becoming strong and healthy, as they grow older. As the zodiac sign Cancer governs the chest and stomach, these are the most vulnerable parts of your body. Due to overeating, or drinking habits, you are likely to develop a paunch by the time you reach 40. You have not only to guard against an increase in your waistline, but you have to take care of both the pulmonary and the digestive systems. Female Cancerians are known for going on emotional binges. An unhappy love affair is usually followed by an increase in weight. Swimming is a good exercise for you. Most of you become lethargic in your late 30s and give up all exercise. Those who take to yoga may succeed in keeping their body in shape. Since your ruling planet is the Moon, you are prone to suffer from spells of depression. Worrying could be the chief cause of all your ailments. If you can control your mind you’ll be able to control your body. Many of you are likely to be vegetarians. Those who believe vegetarians have a lesser range of delicacies should take a few tips from Cancerians. You relish dairy products. In spite of your weak constitution, you can easily digest milk and cheese. Fresh fruits are your weakness. Try to avoid bananas or dry fruit in your diet. You are so fond of eating that you will actually take the trouble of finding places that serves the best food in town. For you, the best outing is not complete if it doesn’t include a good appetizing meal. For that matter, holidays are always looked forward to as days of feasting. You cannot be considered much of an outdoor person. You may be active and love to travel but your basic interest is in a hearty meal and a good night’s sleep. Those of you, who are “lucky” enough to achieve financial security, project a picture of perfect calm and contentment. Avoid heavy foods, alcoholic drinks and stimulants. Try to have an occasional liquid diet to shrink the stomach. Stay off sweets. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Add a little physical exercise to your daily routine and you’ll remain healthy and fit.



Put your Heart to It
LEO is the second of the fiery trinity, the other two being Aries and Sagittarius. This makes Leo subjects energetic, aggressive, and sometimes high-strung. You lead an active life, which keeps you slim and trim. Since Leo governs the heart, you have to be extra cautious as far as your weight is concerned. Leo always rules the spinal column, dorsal vertebrae and the aorta, and this sign generally influences the bones in our body. Consequently, heart disease, spinal meningitis, etc. could afflict Leo. But it has been observed that your disciplined work schedule and regular eating habits give you an inborn immunity to these diseases. Nevertheless you have to be on constant guard and not fall into a sedentary life-style. In your eating habits it has been noticed that you are more impressed by the company and surroundings than with the food itself. You enjoy having company to dinner. Even when out on work you invariably invite a colleague or an associate to join you for lunch. You are fond of soups and syrups. Your body mechanism is such that you use up energy very fast consequently requiring frequent intake of food. You feel the need to drink lots of water during the day, especially during summer. You should make it a habit to take seven to ten glasses of water every day. Since you eat sparingly you are rarely fat. But bear in mind that since you burn your energy too fast you should never skip meals. You also have a tendency to eat too fast. Hot spicy food is likely to ruin your constitution.In good company and peaceful surroundings you generally eat well. So you must try to have a harmonious environment at home. Keep your life at an even pace; avoid unnecessary worries. Women born under this sign are very energetic. You have the strength and stamina of an athlete. In contrast to Leo males, you have a great appetite and you really like to indulge yourself. Take regular exercise, ---- swimming and yoga is good. Leos should avoid smoking if possible. Drink only in moderation, for alcohol can affect your digestive system. Keep your environment tension free. Fresh air in the morning is must for you. Make it a habit to rise early and go for a morning walk. Eat a hearty breakfast, but don’t eat eggs regularly. Milk or buttermilk, at the breakfast time will be ideal. For lunch have something light. Keep down the calories but get lots of proteins. Have light refreshment at teatime. Even if you work late, have a proper meal. You can follow it up with fruits and creams. In this regards you are “lucky” for you can really satisfy your taste for good food without it having any ill effects on your health. Only keep in mind you don’t grow over weight. Your blood pressure must remain normal for it is connected with the heart (ruled by your sign).



Health-Freaks Aren't You?
NEXT to Cancerians, Virgoans are the most health conscious people ---- not that it stops them from putting on weight, which they do as fast as Cancerians. And this they do despite being extremely cautious in their eating habit. Actually, you are the type who can discuss diet and nutrition in depth. Quite a few of you take up a career in hotel management or catering. Others who follow different profession, some time or the other are found managing the kitchen or eating arrangements at parties and social get-togethers. It is believed that if a Virgoan is looking after food arrangement you can be assured not only of a good supply of eatables, but of a healthy diet.

Your approach to food is quite businesslike. Food means nutrition to you. Quite a few of you are vegetarians by choice. You must have learnt somewhere that rich, non-vegetarian food can in the long run play havoc with your system. But you make sure to balance it by eating dairy products, fruits, cereals, and green vegetables. What tastes good to you is what is natural and simple --- the less the cooking, the better. You are not particularly fond of ‘exotic’ delicacies. You will wrinkle your nose at an elaborately prepared dish to prove it has no value. What is important to you is simple food, rich in protein. You may be prone to go on crash diet sometime. It has been observed that your work is sedentary and you tend to suffer due to lack of exercise. Your ruling planet being Mercury, you have a tendency towards nervousness.

Eating yourself Sick
You can invite much intestinal trouble from tension, since Virgo governs intestines. Though you are normally a temperate person and lead a balanced life, you occasionally over-indulge yourself and thereby suffer the consequences. You generally never fall sick, but whenever you do it is invariably due to over-eating. You are prone to suffer from dysentery, typhoid, and gallstone. Your weak points are your nervous system and stomach. You over react to situations, which could cause hypertension. Try to stay clam and collected. Those who have Virgo afflicted in their birth chart are short-tempered, irritable and discontented. Those Virgoans given to emotional troubles are generally overweight and fat. You need to control your mind as much as you need to control your diet. It is a bit surprising though to see a Virgo born suffer from weight problems. Because you are unusually health and diet conscious, you are rarely fat. You need plenty of rest in quite surroundings. You must have a lot of exercise more so if you are living in an urban environment. Be particular about taking holidays. You have a tendency to get so involved with your work that you seldom find time to take leave. Women born under this sign generally lead a very active life, but only until they are 40. Thereafter they like to settle down to household activities. With the result they tend to put on weight. Virgoans even when suffering from minor illness likes to exaggerate their troubles. You are prone to minor injuries. Any complaint in the abdomen should be attended to immediately. You can easily develop colitis. Don’t overdo your concern for food. Too much protein and calcium can have adverse effects on your health. You normally like to devote ample time to your morning constitutional.

Have a good breakfast. Don’t eat fried stuff in the morning. Have a light lunch; abstain from nibbling in between meals. A protein rich dinner will suit you best. Avoid frequent late nights.



Watch that Sweet Tooth
Librans love all good things that life has to offer. Though your zodiac symbol is the scales, you are hardly known to have a ‘balanced’ diet. Your health is moderately good. You tend to believe yourself to be strong and energetic, but are actually of very delicate constitution, with low resistance to infectious diseases. The nerves, kidneys, and emotional channels are governed by Libra and should therefore be given special attention. This sign also rules the lower abdomen, and the sexual organs in the case of females. Female Librans could suffer from gynaec complaints due to an irregular menstrual cycle. You are highly sensitive and if you let your emotions prevail it will surely throw your system off balance causing serious health problems. It is known fact Librans love good food, and what’s more they are ready to try the unusual. Your library is sure to stock the best of cookbooks. And you are also likely to be well informed about delicacies from different lands. You delight in talking about a new dish, which you might discover while reading a cookbook. But your knowledge of the culinary arts is likely to be theoretical. You may be too lazy to experiment yourself. And preparing all this exotic dishes can be quite time consuming.

The Choicest Meals
You manage to find eating houses that serve the choicest dishes, or you’ll know which of your friends cooks good food. If one is keen on sampling the best of wines and beverages, one should visit a Libran. You give yourself enough time to enjoy your food and drinks. You dislike buffets and quick snacks. You must have ample time to sit and savour your food. Those with a busy work schedule would rather skip meal than have it in a hurry. You have a weakness for fruit juice and buttermilk. Many Librans just love to live on fresh fruits and milk. No wonder they have radiant skin. The heavy intake of liquids, which includes endless cup of tea and coffee, keeps them active. You like food that is not only cooked properly but also served well. Your aesthetic nature makes you a fussy eater. You’ll never visit an unkempt eating establishment howsoever celebrated it may be for the quality of food it serves. You are quite fond of pastries and cakes. A sweet dish is a must on your menu. Your sweet tooth could lead to troubles like colitis etc. causing depletion of energy. And this also makes it difficult for you to stick to a diet. Women born under this sign are figure conscious. No doubt you take physical exercise but you have the tendency to neglect food and sleep. Librans are known for keeping late nights. While exercising, you concentrate on your waistline. So most Libran women have fine sparkling faces and narrow waists. Try to lead a balanced life. Excess in anything is bad. This cannot be truer than in your case. For if you are told that a particular thing is good for your health, you’ll make sure to have it everyday. Even in your likes and dislikes you go to extremes. When fond of pastries and dry-fruits, you get addicted to these. And as far as alcohol is concerned you never stick to any measures. Eat fresh fruit for breakfast, drink buttermilk or fresh juice for lunch, and for dinner, have a protein-rich meal. It has been observed in your case, that when in love and secure, you keep healthier and happier.



The fruity way to fitness
YOU are extremely active and generally healthy. Very weight conscious, Scorpions are rarely fat. Females born under this sign are slim and energetic. If somehow they do put on weight, it could be because of some internal health problem. Men born under this sign are heavy built, but their bulks do not stop or hinder them from following a vigorous physical discipline. Food is not very important to you. No doubt you relish sweets and drinks, but are generally moderate in your habit. You slog a lot and therefore burn up energy faster. Despite this you don’t eat much, consequently most of you have a slim waistline. Scorpio-women are proud of their flat tummies. Scorpio governs the bladder and the generative organs. In women, this sign also rules the womb and the ovaries. Any affliction to Scorpio in your individual birth-chart could indicate troubles like stones in the bladder, venereal disease, or enlargement of the prostrate gland. Excessive indulgence in sex or drinking should be avoided. You can engage yourself in such a delightful pastime, as eating pastries, having ill effects on your health. It has been noticed that Scorpio-women are fonder of eating than males born under this sign. It is perhaps because women are more conscious of their health. Naturally, after taking vigorous exercise you do need enough replenishment to keep yourself fit. Scorpio-women, who do not follow a career, devote most of their time in health care, with remarkable results. They generally come into their prime around 28, and manage to look as good even after they cross 40.

Always so cool
You have a very positive attitude to life and living, and this helps a lot in keeping you healthy and sprightly. You rarely let external circumstances interfere with your emotional make-up. It has been noticed that in times of emergency you not only manage to keep your cool but continue to eat and sleep as per your regular schedule. And whenever you are stuck with any health problem you are prompt in taking remedial measures. You dislike being sick. Prolonged illness may cause quite an emotional turmoil with you.
Perhaps it is the awareness of your own weaknesses, which makes you all the more careful. It is generally said of Scorpio persons that they stay healthy by sheer force of will power.

In your case, health and mind are very strongly linked. As long as you remain cheerful and happy you’ll remain happy. Those of you who do well in your career generally have unfailing energy. The less successful are prone to frequent health disturbances. Keeping these factors in mind you can plan an active routine and a well balanced diet to keep you strong and healthy. Conforming to a balanced diet may not be much of a problem for you. But at work you tend to suffer from worries and tensions, which play havoc with your health. Have a proper breakfast. Eggs and milk suit your constitution well. If possible have some fresh fruits first thing in the morning. Have a full meal at lunchtime. Never skip lunch. If you think you can live on tea and coffee or just fruit juice you are mistaken. Your body needs proper nourishment, which means three meals a day in your case. Have a protein rich dinner. As such you do love rich foods and can be quite a gourmet when it comes to eating. You can safely indulge yourself provided you make it a point to take regular exercise. The day you stop your physical training, you’ll put on weight. Coming back to your diet, fruits are necessary for you. If possible have fresh fruits for dessert. After dinner liqueurs should be avoided. Even a cup of coffee before retiring for the night could cause disturbed sleep. Drink plenty of water at bedtime, and you’ll have a restful night.



Don't nibble too often
SAGITTARIANS have well-developed bodies though not necessarily well proportioned. You have a tendency to eat on an impulse. And since you love to eat, you generally nibble at all hours, with the result that when it comes to your proper mealtime you lose your appetiteYours is a fiery sign, which means you use up much energy; consequently you require a nutritious diet. Since Sagittarius rules the thigh, hips and buttocks, you have a tendency to put on weight on these areas. You have a bright and vivacious personality that makes you seem extremely healthy, but in reality you may have a delicate health. Your sedentary habits are the cause of most of your worries. It is very likely that the nature of your work requires more of mental activity than physical labour, but that should not stop you from taking physical exercise. Without straining yourself, you must make it a habit to exercise your limbs. Since the ruler of your sign is Jupiter, which controls the liver, you must take well care of your diet. You have a tendency to suffer from sciatica, rheumatic pain, gout, arthritis in the hips, jaundice, etc.It has been noticed that you are averse to consulting a doctor. Most of you dose yourself with advertised medicines thereby upsetting your system. Coming to your diet, it has been observed that you like exotic food. If you read about a Mughal prince’s favourite dish, you feel inclined to try out the recipe. Sometime you visit famous eating places just for their ambience, eating at roadside stall appeals to you as well.If someone tells you that the extract of a certain fruit or vegetables is good for health you’ll make it a point to have it morning and evening, and if possible, even carry along to work to have it for lunch. You must discipline yourself as far as food is concerned. Eat everything but in moderate quantity. You are known for going on crash diets quite frequently, if only to prove your will power. But the weight of your body tells a different story.

Female Sagittarians should watch their weight from the age of 18, else they have proclivity to grow heavy between the ages of 20-28. Whereas those Sagittarians who manage to keep their waistline under control can boast of a shapely figure, those who become indifferent towards their health will soon find their body, expanding waist down. The best way to stay healthy is to keep your body in shape. Keep revising your diet. Learn to eat different things and cultivate to have a habit of eating less. It may leave you hungry and dissatisfied, but soon your body will get accustomed to it. Set regular meal timings and stick to them. Quite a few of you are fond of late nights and it is not unlikely for you to have two dinners. Plan your meals in such a manner that you have a heavy lunch, a light dinner – maybe a soup and salad, and if non-vegetarian, some lean meat or fish. You can treat yourself to a dessert of fresh fruits but avoid cream.Try a limber-up in the morning followed by a few asanas. Going for long walks may not be of much help. Neither will jogging suffice. You need to exercise the upper part of your body as well. Your arms and shoulders need extra attention.Being endowed with abundant energy you generally lead a very creative life. You work with great passion in your chosen field of activity and hence are generally successful. If you devote some time to health care, you’ll remain in peak form.



Have a Balanced Diet
YOU are a lusty eater, with an earthy appetite and a discriminating taste. Capricorn being an earthy sign makes you prudent and practical minded. You like to take care of your health and take proper nourishment. In general, most of you have feeble health until the age of 18, or in some cases up to the age of 28, and thereafter there is marked improvement. Quite a few of you are likely to suffer from indigestion, or other abdominal complaint. Capricorn governs knees and bones. Dislocation or injury to the patella bone is a common occurrence in the lives of Capricornians. Pain in the wrist, or small of the back, could also be a source of inconvenience. Since the ruler of this sign is Saturn it can cause troubles like rheumatism, cold and nervous tension. You have a tendency to be gloomy and depressed which sends you on a food binge. Constant worries and a melancholic nature could upset your digestive system. Be optimistic and lead a carefree life to remain healthy and fit. As far as food is concerned, you take your meals at proper time. You like eating hot and spicy food. Those of you who are used to having bed-tea are not content with just two cups. Not only that, you like to munch quite a few biscuits while sipping endless cups of tea. That’s for starters. Fond of reading newspaper, you’ll not rise from your bed until you’ve read each column. After that you rush for bath and a hurried breakfast. The lack of time does not stop you from having a proper breakfast consisting of eggs, bread, butter and jam.

Upon reaching your place of work, you are likely to order something to eat along with your coffee. You are quite hardworking. Though you do not do much physical labour, the nature of your work could leave you exhausted by lunchtime. And that calls for a rich and heavy meal. Over lunch, even while you are enjoying the delicacies, you tend to mourn and groan that the time is not enough. So you return to work quite dissatisfied. May be that is an excuse for having snacks with tea in the evening. After work you have all the time and leisure to plan your dinner. You make sure you have a really elaborate dinner. And since, you are known as a sweet tooth, it is understood that you will have a generous helping of dessert. Now that’s how you spend a hectic day with a busy eating schedule. With such a life style how can you ever imagine to remain slim? It is but natural for you to develop a paunch and double chin.

Meals and Pounces
You should organize your eating habits. Have a balanced diet and try to adhere to it. Granted that the aroma of fried vegetables is enough to whet your appetite, you should learn to exercise strict control. You are a sensuous eater and anything, which looks attractive, or smells delicious, will excite your hunger. If not used to taking physical exercise you’ll have problems doing even your routine work after the age of 50. Your legs may be painful for no reason. You could get easily excited. A right candidate for high blood pressure and nervous disorder, you tend to imagine ills. Your emotional insecurity can keep your health rundown. Those of you tied to deskwork are prone to stoop; and if you are not correct in your posture you could develop serious trouble later. A little exercise in the morning will help. Jogging or brisk walking will keep you in shape. Don’t take to any strenuous exercise for your body will not react favourably to vigorous training. Swimming and yoga will suit you best. Regular intake of calcium and vitamin B-12 is advisable, but after consulting your physician. To conclude, it has been generally observed that Capricornians live a long life, free from serious health problems. Only those having Capricorn afflicted in their birth-chart may suffer from gout or pulmonary complaint. Try to keep your weight under control. Avoid too much of hot and spicy food.



Nibble your way to Health
IF You are a true Aquarian, you should be tall and slander. Of course, the presence of any planet in your sign at the time of your birth can make quite a difference to your physical appearance. You are not over fond of eating. You have less interest in food than any other sign in zodiac. You are a light eater, someone who nibbles and lives off snacks. Since you are frugal eater, you need frequent replenishment. But see that you nibbled on less calorie-filled foods. If fond of fruits you may go in for apple, peaches, bananas and pineapples, whenever you feel the urge to eat. Stay off fried stuffs. Generally, it is very difficult for an Aquarian to put on weight, but once they do, they can forget about losing it. So better be on guard. Aquarius governs legs, calf-muscles, and blood circulation. You are susceptible to infectious diseases. Tonsillitis, toothache, ear-trouble can also be source of inconvenience. Being of a nervous disposition, tension occurs easily to you. Surprisingly it has been noticed that you are very emotional and sensitive. It is surprising because your ruler Saturn has a tendency to make its subject cold, ruthless and detached. But it’s not the case with you. You have to watch your blood pressure. Have a blood count done frequently. You can be rigid and unreasonable when it comes to health care. It appears you do not care much about your health. Granted that yours is an intellectual sign and you live on principles, it is better you take necessary precautions to maintain good health. In sickness you are a very difficult person. When unwell someone must really coax you into taking medicine. The problem is that you always feel that nothing is seriously wrong with you. Naturally being endowed with a lot of recuperative power, you come out of your troubles quite fast. So you don’t conform to the general pattern of taking proper medicine and rest. But if you’re struck with troubles like skin disease, or frequent high fever, you should consult your physician and follow the line of treatment. You generally rise early in the morning. Fond of tea you’ll take couple of cups, if not pots of tea, to wake you up. Not particular about breakfast, you do mind a glass of juice or some fresh fruits for breakfast. Throughout the whole day you won’t eat anything substantial. Endless rounds of tea and coffee will keep you going. You may munch a biscuit or a toast in between.

Many Courses
You dislike formal dinners. If anyone thinks that a well spread out table will convert you into a gourmet, it is a mistake. You do like variety but shrink away at the sight of so many dishes laid out on the table. The best way to make you eat your meals properly is to serve you food in courses. But make sure that the quantity is small, for an Aquarian dislikes the soup filled to the brim. But you must have enough time to savour each and every delicacy presented to you. It is quite common that Aquarians avoid going to evening shows or the theatre, for it interferes with their suppertime. And if it were obligatory for them to attend some such function they would prefer to come home and have their meals after the function rather than hurrying through it earlier. You are quite disciplined in your eating habits. You will never fall ill due to dietary indiscretion. Yes, some of you could suffer from deficiencies due to neglect. So make it a point to eat properly. Of course you can’t stop yourself from nibbling, but you can reduce it by having a proper lunch. It is quite possible that most of you shirk physical discipline. Some of you would remark that you are too intelligent to worry about physical culture. But it may not be wise on your part to neglect physical activities. You must make a habit to do some exercise everyday. Your routine work, or walking a mile or two, may not be enough to keep you in shape. You must do more vigorous exercise to remain healthy and fit. Else your sedentary lifestyle could throw your system out of gear, and by the time you reach fifty you could be in deep trouble. You must really sweat it out the first thing in the morning. Remember to wear something on your person for exposure could also cause trouble.



What's for Desert
IN our series “Hints for health and happiness” we shall discuss in this feature the real gourmet ---- Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. You have a very sensitive palate and an aesthetic feeling of food. But your appetite needs to be gently pampered. You like to have a company of someone who enjoys cooking and eating. If you don’t live in a congenial atmosphere, you’ll invariably skip meals. You are not the type who eats to live. You attach great importance to the ritual of eating. Someone must plan an elaborate menu for you. The more the effort put to making a dish, the more you enjoy eating it. You are always on the look out for a good eating establishment and drive out to one during weekends or holidays. Pisceans are known for spotting out of the way restaurants. Those of you with the desk job find it real tough to plan your meals. Regular visits to nearby restaurants make eating a dull routine. Pisces being water sign could make you fond of alcohol. It could also make you prone to gastric troubles. As your sign govern the ankles and feet, you are easily susceptible to injuries in these parts. You are very fussy about the quality of your footwear. You will never go in for trendy shoes and sandals. Ease and comfort are more important to you. Most Pisceans wear casual moccasins. Piscean female rarely wears high-heels.Pisces governs the glands, alimentary canal and body. You could be bothered by coronary troubles. You are very emotional and get hurt easily. Most of your health troubles are due to a sedentary lifestyle and mental tension. Stay outdoors more. Quite a few of you love to go on morning walks. You prefer to walk barefoot on the grass. It’s a good habit. But those of you living in hot, humid climates suffer the most for you perspire a lot, and sticky weather could further dampen your spirits. But then most of you cannot bear the cold either. A maritime climate suits you best. The best way for you to remain fit is to be an early riser. Take a little exercise ---- nothing too strenuous. Getting up early in the morning will also give you enough time to enjoy your bath. Pisceans can spend hours under the shower. Have a heavy breakfast. Include honey and milk in your diet. Fresh fruits, especially a banana or an orange, are advised. Try to skip lunch and instead have a glass of fruit juice, or buttermilk. You can have toast and butter with your evening tea. Don’t eat anything till dinnertime. If fond of drinks, restrict yourself to drinking and avoid nibbling snacks. Pisceans love fine wines and appreciate them better if served with a good meal. And if there is music and quiet surroundings, your evening is made. For a change you sometimes go to seaside bars for a drink. Carry on your pastime, provided you drink within limits. Needless to say you’ll indulge yourself in a sumptuous dinner, for that is one meal where you will never compromise. You must have a variety of dishes laid out on the table. And even before you set out to enjoy your supper, you make discreet enquiries about the dessert. Try to take an after-dinner walk before retiring. Sleep on a thin mattress to keep your back in shape.



Kamini Uppal