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Health And Diet


The universe that embraces the zodiac (signs) is composed of five basic elements fire, earth, air, water and ether. Ayurveda the ancient Indian science of living was the first to recognize that these natural elements also exist in the human body. They manifest in our bodies as three humours, which govern the biological, psychological and pathological functions of our body.


"A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician " - Hippocrates.

Some people have a robust constitution and enjoy vibrant health; others appear to have a weak constitution, judging by frequent illness and their run-down condition. Why should these differences occur when all human beings are born with same body systems? While some attribute health tendencies to heredity or genetic make-up, natural astrology, a branch of astrology, attempts to understand each individual, based upon his zodiac sign and how it influences his physical, emotional, and mental health. It also interprets the influence of planets on our bodily complexions in terms of health and sickness.

The Zodiac and the Human Body

Observation, study, and research have led astrologers, psychologists, and scientists to unravel links between the twelve zodiac signs and the glandular and nervous systems. Each sign of the zodiac has a special relationship with specific parts of the body. Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it has a relationship with the uppermost part of the body, that is, the head. The next sign Taurus corresponds with the neck, and so on, till last sign, Pisces, represents the feet.

Body Parts Ruled by Zodiac Signs

Aries Facial bones, cranium, cerebrum, pituitary glands

Taurus Cervical vertebrae, ears, larynx, thyroid gland

Gemini Upper ribs, shoulders, capillaries, lungs.

Cancer Diaphragm, sternum, thoracic duct, ribs

Leo Heart, spinal column, ulna, vertebrae

Virgo Alimentary canal, duodenum, abdomen

Libra Kidneys, loins, lumbar vertebrae

Scorpio Pelvic bones, sex organs, anus

Sagittarius Femur, hips, sacral region

Capricorn Knee joints, hair, nails, and patella

Aquarius Fibula, calves, ankles, tibia, bones, muscles

Pisces Feet, blood circulation

The zodiac signs also influence parts of the body through the polarity principle, or the sympathy of opposites; that is, each sign has a strong influence on the sign opposite it. Example, Arian headaches may be related to a kidney condition which is a common ailment among Librans (Libra being the sign opposite to Aries).

Zodiac Signs in Polarity

Aries - > Libra

Taurus - > Scorpio

Gemini - > Sagittarius

Cancer - > Capricorn

Leo - > Aquarius

Virgo - > Pisces

The Planets and the Human Body

Another important set of correspondences has long existed between specific body parts and the planets. In the 17th century, in his book Astrological Judgment of Diseases, Nicholas Culpeper lists the parts of the body ruled by each planet and the corresponding diseases, along with medical notes. Since then more significant zones of influences have been uncovered.

Planets, Body Parts and Aliments

The Sun Cerebellum, brain, blood, lungs, heart Appendicitis, inflammations, Stomach, breasts, ovaries, fistula

The Moon Veins, sex glands, intestines, alimentary canal, Wind, colic, dropsy, tumours, insanity, Eyes, urinary tract, breasts, lymphatic vessels

Mars Cerebral zone, muscles Inflammation of the lungs, T.B, Typhoid, enteric fever, contagious diseases Mercury Brain, nerves, hair, tongue, mouth Asthma and respiratory disorders, delirium, headaches, palpitation,brain and nervous disorders

Jupiter Arteries, veins, auricles, ventricles, ears, blood, Pleurisy, piles, gout, tumour,liver diabetes

Venus Skin, complexion, kidneys, aorta, throat Discharge from eyes, throat,digestive and venereal complaints

Saturn Spleen, upper stomach, endocardium, Colds, catarrh, consumption,ribs, bones, hair, nail asthma, gout, and Bright's disease

How Natural Elements Work

The universe that embraces the zodiac (signs) is composed of five basic elements fire, earth, air, water and ether. Ayurveda the ancient Indian science of living was the first to recognize that these natural elements also exist in the human body. They manifest in our bodies as three humours, which govern the biological, psychological and pathological functions of our body. Ayurveda calls these three humours as the tridoshas - vata, pitta and Kapha. Vata is a combination of air and ether; pitta, an amalgam of fire and water; kapha, a combination of earth and water. These three humours or tridoshas determine and influence our temperament and also the state of our health. When any of these elements increases or decreases disproportionately to the others, an imbalance is created in the body, resulting in diseases.

The constitution of an individual depends on the proportions of the tridoshas presents in the body. The tridoshas intermingle and produce a different composition of elements in every individual. This gives a unique set of physiological, psychological, and personality traits to every person, making him/her different from the other. Hence an individual can have a constitution, which is a vata, pitta, or kapha type, or a combination of kapha and vata type.

Once the type of constitution is known it becomes relatively easy to assess a person's state of health and health related tendencies. Both, Ayurveda and natural astrology, emphasise that an understanding of the working of the three doshas or humours is the first essential step for healing. The following page highlights the characteristics of each type of constitutions:

Sagitariaus,Pisces Vata Cheerful and joyful, pleasure-loving optimistic, spontaneous, romantically inclined, generous, friendly; prone to nervousness, fear, anxiety
Leo,Aries,Scorpio Pitta Full of energy, restless, agitated, generous, pleasure-loving, seeking fame rather than wealth, chivalrous and gallant, amorous, social; prone to anger, hate, jealousy
Taurus, Cancer, Libra Kapha Cautious, stubborn and self-willed, conscious of self-pride, a steady plodder, changeable, fond of good life; calm, forgiving, loving; prone to greed.
Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius Kapha and Vata combination Intellectual, pensive, changeable, friend or enemy, enterprising, successful in your undertakings; prone to being indulgent and discontented

Your Health scope


You are active, energetic, and volatile. You look for new opportunities, challenges, and risks. You possess a childlike innocence but have strong likes and dislikes. Preferring an uncomplicated life, your optimism and spontaneity make you undertake and excel in projects that others fear to touch. The ruler of your sign is Mars - the god of courage, action, strength, and energy. You possess unlimited stamina; no hardships can deter you from surging ahead. Such an outlook keeps you youthful, interesting and vibrant even in your old age.

Health: Aries rules the head, cerebral system, and adrenal glands. Head and facial massage or facial treatments may be beneficial for you. Have your eyes and ears tested occasionally. The head is a good barometer of overall stress levels. Too much pressure may be experienced as muscular tension of the face, jaw and scalp.

A headache indicates stress. In spite of boundless energy, you need to maintain a balance between stimulation and relaxation. The adrenal glands control the production and flow of adrenalin, which is vital for staying healthy, active, and motivated, but an excess of this chemical produced by overwork, can deplete the immune system, leading to health problems. Though blessed with a healthy constitution, you must listen to your body and respond positively, before tension begins to affect your well being.

Excercise and Diet: Since Aries rules the head; tension and pressure are concentrated in the head, resulting in stress. All physically vigorous exercises, therefore, and yoga provide mental and physical relaxation, and body massages soothes tightened nerves.

Apart from a nutritious diet, you must eat lots of tomatoes, which contain a high quantity of potassium phosphate. Lack of this causes depression, which is the root cause of Arian ill health.


Your element is the earth. You love to possess a warm pleasant home filled with beautiful objects. Spending money on luxurious living gives you great joy. You are loveable, affectionate, and strong. You exude a comforting steadfastness within a world of change, creating financial and emotional security for yourself and your family. Good natured, generous and warm you are slow to anger, but when aroused you can be as furious as a raging bull. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, which symbolises love, refinement, culture and aesthetics. Taureans often go back to nature, growing vegetables or flowers and experiencing the good life by being close to living things.

Health: You love to drink and eat rich food. Fortunately, you possess healthy constitution that can handle occasional excesses. However, too much rich food affects your weight, digestion, and overall toxicity of your body.

Taurus rules the neck and the throat and influences the thyroid gland and ears. Tension is felt in the neck muscles and bones even if the tension or imbalance stems from some other part of the body. The stiffness or flexibility of the neck area is a good barometer of emotional well-being. Emotions that are not fully expressed can be held in this part of the body, leading to sore throats or laryngitis.

The thyroid gland is associated with physical growth and releases a hormone in the body that helps to regulate its size and shape. Moderate your food consumption and keep physically active to burn up the calories.

Excercise and Diet: Since Taurus rules the neck and the throat; the tension stored there can be relieved by neck exercises like dropping your head on the chest and gently rolling it from left to right and vice versa. Body massage, followed by a warm bath, further helps to ease out the tension, while singing and dancing restore the flexibility of the neck muscles and the body.

A regular intake of celery helps to clear your system of toxicity due to overeating, as does an occasional diet of liquids or fasting.


Expressive, youthful, enthusiastic and energetic you are forever exploring new ideas and meeting new people. Travel and the desire to communicate make you excel as writers, actors, television anchors, and sailors. Though capable of handling different things at the same time, you some times leave things halfway, as something else might have attracted your fancy. Ambition and desire to be in limelight gives you drive.

Health: The element of Gemini is air, which rules the mind, intellect and breath. You feel healthy when you are given freedom of thought and expression. Gemini rules the lungs, hands, arms, and shoulders, and some parts of the nervous system.

Breathing exercises are beneficial if done in a tension free atmosphere. Conscious and positive use of breath can discharge tensions, dissolve anxieties and reawaken the clear perceptions of the mind. Any tightness, weakness, or tension of the lungs or chest may indicate ill health and the necessity to make psychological, physical or practical changes in your lives.

Stress and anxiety make you prone to asthma or breathing problems. Nervous complaints or psychosomatic illness can be cleared with a change of scene, freedom of expression and spontaneity. Outings to open places recharge your spirit.

Exercise and Diet: Air being one of your elements, and the lungs being ruled by your sign, you need to exercise your lungs by jogging, aerobics or dancing. This can be done in groups to make exercising more enjoyable. Swimming helps to strengthen your respiratory system.

Lettuce and cauliflower are recommended in your diet to combat problems like bronchitis, which afflict you.


All Cancerians display strong maternal instincts and the capacity to nature and cherish others. Sensitive, dependable, and extremely emotional, you channelise your energy in guiding others and home making. The symbol of Cancer is crab, with hard shell and a soft centre. This symbolism is indicative of your self-protective and impenetrable exterior; you are, however, sensitive and large hearted inwardly. Loyal, subtle, moody and strong your strength comes through adaptability. You can be rather obstinate in the pursuit to your goals, and can change yourself to suit any occasion as long as you achieve your objectives. The ruler of Cancer is the Moon whose close proximity to the earth renders it a potent influence on human lives, rhythms, sexuality, fertility, dreams, and creativity. The Moon directs your feminine, receptive and intuitive drives and your body's latent powers.

Health: Your element is water, which rules the emotions and intuition. Cancer governs the breast, stomach and the digestive organs, including any part of the body concerned with nourishment. All exercise that strengthens and expands the chest benefits you by relieving physical tension and strengthening emotional resilience. You have a compulsive need to talk about your emotions in a supportive atmosphere. A healthy intake of food is crucial for your overall physical and emotional health. Known for your love of cooking, you can create gastronomic delights. Eating at regular hours and relaxing after meals keeps you fit. Eating while travelling or moving impairs your health.

Exercise and Diet: Swimming, particularly a gentle breaststroke or floating on the back are beneficial for you. Regular exercise help to eliminate the excess body fluids and fatty tissues that tend to accumulate since your elements are water and earth. Long walks cater to this too.

Being prone to a cracked skin, dental problems, and pain in the joints, foods rich in calcium are beneficial.


You are bold, extrovert, and warm. You seek attention and get it. Assertive, confident, fiery sometimes you betray your inner sensitivities and uncertainties. The ruler of Leo is the Sun, the symbol of illumination, warmth, clarity and life sustaining energy. You are positive and creative. The Sun gives you vitality, good health and happiness. Your lust for life and living keeps you in good health. Your element is Fire, the creative force. It gives you immense imagination to channelise your energy into constructive projects, and inspire confidence in others. You excel in whatever profession you choose. Fascinated by the future, you believe that all your dreams will be fulfilled, and you certainly make them come true.

Health: Leo rules the heart and the dorsal region of the back. Back and chest massage is beneficial for you, along with aerobic exercises that keep the circulatory system functioning well, while providing general toning. Meditation and most forms of exercises are also beneficial for the heart. Jogging, aerobics, or swimming need to be strenuous enough to quicken the pulse significantly, but it is important to take regular breaks to allow the heart to return to a more stable pace. Tensions in the chest area or the back is an indication for you to stop the physical, mental or emotional activity you are engaged in, and slow down a bit.

Exercise and Diet: The heart being your vulnerable area, light physical exercise, a simple diet, and meditation keep it healthy and functioning well. Also being prone to back problems, a correct posture while sitting, standing, or walking, give the desired support to your spine. Yogic exercises, especially outdoors and early in the morning, help to regulate the heart rate and aid circulation.

Plums, green peas and oranges are essential for you as they help to reduce the strain on the heart.


This is the earth sigh of fertility and purity. You are imbued with potency, sexual energy, and precision of purpose. You possess extraordinary receptive powers, and a practical imagination that puts your creative ideas into actions. You are analytical and sharp and make a good critic. Your ability to evaluate and organise is exemplary. Known as the supporter and healer of the earth, your high ideals make a tangible difference to the environment and well being of society. A mixture of pride and humility makes you effective, diligent worker. Your compassions for others make you undertake many tasks without any pretensions.

Health: Virgo rules the abdominal region, more specifically the intestines and the spleen. You benefit immensely from a balanced and natural diet with high fibre content. Your tendency to worry can sometimes remain in the abdominal area as a feeling of discomfort. However talking helps you to release these tensions before going to sleep at night. Abdominal tensions can also be prevented and released through physical exercise. Simple abdominal stretching can be performed by gently stretching the back, and gently tightening and relaxing the muscles around the stomach area can perform abdominal contractions. A correct diet, regular exercise, and keeping mental tension at bay can help prevent ulcers. The central nervous system is also ruled by Virgo, thereby making it necessary for you to relax whenever you can.

Exercise and Diet: The abdominal region being ruled by Virgo, all exercise, which tightens the abdominal muscles, is good. Yoga, tennis, and stretching exercises are recommended.

Include root vegetables such as carrots, beetroots, turnips and potatoes in your diet, along with fresh fruits, vegetables, and a certain amount of grains, pulses, and cereals to provide the roughage and water content needed to help your intestines to work properly and remain clear of toxic wastes. Lemons are good for digestions.


Diplomatic, charming, and romantic, you have a perceptive intellect that is attuned to making fair judgments, peaceful compromises, and logical choices. You seek beauty, refinement, and artistic precision. The symbol of Libra is the scales, which represents justice, harmony, and balance. You struggle to maintain the balance between the ideal and the real, the material and the spiritual. Your sign is governed by the element air, which represents mental agility and higher thought. Logical, positively focused, optimistic, if your environment does not live up to your ideal, you make efforts to change it. Although Libra is a male sign, it displays a strong feminine, caring nature. Although you work to achieve your goals, often fortune just comes your way.

Health: Libra rules the kidneys and the lumbar region of the spine. Librans should drink lots of pure water, which cleanses and releases toxins from the kidneys. Periods of abstinence from alcohol, rich foods, caffeine, and nicotine also help. The kidneys always benefit from having a rest so that they can clear the residue of the rich diet one normally consumes. Regular brisk walking can squeeze the fluids and toxins through the kidneys, aiding aspects of digestion and elimination.

Exercise and Diet: Since Libra affects the lumbar region and the kidneys; any exercises that strengthen the back are good. Yoga and trekking in the open air help to clear the toxins in the body, thus allowing the kidneys to function smoothly.

The ideal diet for you is one that includes large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables. When eaten raw, these foods have a high water content that helps to flush out the system. Include strawberries, which are high in mineral salts, in your diet. Librans need to maintain a balance between acids and normal body fluids.


This sign represents perception, intuition, and sexuality. You possess a gifted mind that can solve the mysteries of the universe. Scorpio is the sign of constant transformation. You have great resilience and are undeterred by failures. You have the capacity to convert your faults to efficiency and succeed in ventures others fear to touch. Those who do so earn great personal power. Your element is water, which contains a strong burst of energy. The planet Mars is your ruler, instilling passionate emotions, drive, and psychic potential. The dramatic swings in your moods reveal passionate sensuality. You are forever probing for an inner spiritual source.

Health: Scorpio rules the genitals, bladder, urethra, colon, and rectum. These parts are concerned with sexuality, reproduction, and elimination, and are an excellent barometer of your overall physical or emotional state. When confronted with difficulties or unpleasant situations, you become constipated or have irregular motions. The genital-sexual areas of the body and the psyche also need care and attention. When you are deprived of sexual or emotional expression, you feel restricted and frustrated. Sometimes you transmute your pent-up sexuality into an aggressive pursuit of your career.

Exercise and Diet: Being a water sign, swimming is best suited to your temperament. Yoga, especially the practice of gently tensing and relaxing the muscles of the anus, lower stomach, and genital area, is beneficial for the vulnerable genital-sexual part of your body. A complete body massage releases the bodily heat energy of your pitta type constitution.

Your tendency towards a bilious constitution should see you take a diet rich in water, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Fresh fruits, particularly water melon which has very high water content and moves through the stomach quickly, are excellent for flushing the system and cleansing your body of toxins. Fruits should be eaten in the morning when body is involved with the elimination part of the digestive cycle. Since you are fond of rich food, drink plenty of water.


Active, social, and optimistic, you aim high in life, and are fond of travelling. Your ruling planet is Jupiter, which stands for vastness, expansion, and growth. You possess qualities of leadership and attain a high position through your single-minded devotion and hard work. Your element is fire, symbolising a burning ambition to rule and govern. You inspire and encourage others. You believe in initiative and drive and if your home or work environment is too restrictive, you may need to escape to open spaces to remain healthy. Outdoor life, a regular change of scene, and space to move freely provide you with psychological, emotional, and spiritual boosts.

Health: Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs. Many of you store a great deal of energy in these parts. This needs to be constantly released and utilised. The comfort and strength of the hips and thighs can act as a good barometer to judge your general levels of health and well-being. You are always on the move. You tend to put on weight on your hips, thighs, and buttocks. Some of you do physical exercise as a productive means of releasing your natural energy. You also require mental stimulation to remain healthy, and love sports or games that allow you to learn new skills. Most of you love walking. When the hips and thighs are regularly exercised for flexibility as well as strength, the whole body benefits and the mind becomes more peaceful.

Exercise and Diet: Being the ruler of the hips and thighs, Sagittarius needs regular body massages, especially of the back, hips, and thighs. Being Vata type constitution, which maintains the functioning of the heart, sauna and steam bath stimulate your circulatory system. Jogging, horse riding, and skating help to release the energy stored in your hips and thighs.

Add cucumber to your diet; it has high silicon content and promotes a clear, healthy skin, the latter being a seat of Vata.


Strong willed, self-contained, committed, you create your good fortune through perseverance. Capricorn's symbol is the mountain goat that indicates you as strong, adaptable, and sure-footed. You are great survivors and capable of creating something positive from the harshest of environments. Your diligence can bring you unique and sometimes, unexpected rewards. You plan your goals in life carefully. The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, which is considered a hard taskmaster. You exercise rigid discipline and control in your life, and never rush through any matter.

Health: The element of earth gives a solid foundation to your health and well being. For good health and psychological balance, you need plenty of physical activity. You find peace in routine and order. However, an occasional change is also needed. Unstable environments or too many external distractions cause you stress. Capricorn rules the skeleton that gives the human body its basic solidity. Of all the bones and joints, it particularly rules the knees. Exercises that promote flexibility in these load-bearing joints benefit the health and general well being. Capricorn also rules the skin, which is the largest organ of the body and through which physical sensations are experienced. You generally have strong bones and joints but any trauma or stress may be held within the skeleton. Aches are often more bony than muscular. When you go through deep structural tension, you need to rest completely.

Exercise and Diet: Earth being your element, and the mountain goat, your symbol, jogging and trekking, particularly in the mountains, provide flexibility to your bones and joints, which are ruled by Capricorn. Gentle massage, focusing on the muscles, may move the trapped emotional energy from deep within the body.

Cabbage is highly recommended. It keeps problems like rheumatism, which you are prone to, at bay.


Erratic geniuses with minds that move like lightning, you are highly intelligent, inventive, logical, and idealistic. You seek and promote truth, fight injustice, and concern yourselves with the future welfare of society. The symbol of Aquarius is the water bearer. This indicates generosity and loving care. Highly individualistic, you often react against traditions or authority, and become detached and aloof, although you are basically friendly. Your originality is often expressed through eccentric mannerisms, attitudes, and clothing. The element air that rules your sign depicts the future level of optimism. Continual change is a fundamental part of your being. You are able to view the truth of a situation from all sides. From time to time you should organise by making out checklists, talk to a friend to externalise your thoughts and beliefs, and meditate to quieten the mind.

Health: Aquarius rules the region below the knees and ankles. This includes the calves and the circulatory system within the lower legs. All forms of exercise to strengthen the leg muscles are beneficial. This includes walking, running, weightlifting. Increasing and maintaining the flexibility of the ankles by regular stretching or flexing of the feet benefits you in many ways. Health and suppleness of the ankles can sometimes be a reflection of the flexibility of the mind. The lower leg can represent stability and support of the human body and the psychological or emotional ability of a person.

Exercise and Diet: Walking and cycling are perfect exercises to keep your vulnerable lower leg muscles in good condition. The best exercise to flex your ankles is rotating your feet, raising one foot about eight inches above the ground, stretching your raised foot forward, rotating alternately from right to left, and so on. The element air being your ruler, meditation quietens the turmoil in your fast moving mind.

You must eat pomegranates, which have an alkaline content, which your body tends to be deficient in.


This is the sign of imagination, intuition, emotion, love, and generosity. You possess vast knowledge that comes through experience and yet you radiate a childlike innocence. Your eyes reflect an innate awareness of all things. The symbol of Pisces is two fishes swimming in seemingly opposite directions, while being bound by a cord of unifying mutual purpose. This signifies opposite polarities like materialism and spiritualism, love and detachment, extroversion and introversion, youth and old age. The ruler of Pisces is Jupiter, which instils in you an all-embracing love for mankind and a vivid imagination.

Your element is water - the waters of Pisces teem with life and energy. You can adapt your personality to different relationships, environments, or needs, as you are sensitive to other people's feelings and atmospheres. The healthiest Pisceans are those who are willing to love and accept their open, sensitive natures, while being prepared to create some boundaries in their lives and their relationships. You need to say NO to the whims or desires of other people and say YES to your own need for peace and quiet more often.

Health: Pisces rules the feet, the lymphatic system, and the pituitary gland. A great deal of relaxation and healing can be achieved through foot massage, although some of you are sensitive and even reluctant to having your feet touched. If the feet were tense, tight, sore, or unyielding, then a dose of peace and quiet in a tranquil atmosphere would be the first step towards healing.

Exercise and Diet: Since Pisces rules the feet; swimming is the perfect exercise for you. The tension stored in the feet can be released by a foot massage. The lymphatic circulation is also governed by Pisces; brushing of the skin aids good circulation.

Raisins, dates, and cereals are good for the parts of the body such as the mind, senses, and heart - vulnerable areas of your Vata constitution. You tend to neglect your diet; hence, someone close to you should attend to you as far as your health is concerned.


Kamini Uppal