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Gems Of Power

Precious stones (and metals) have fascinated mankind by their sheer luminosity and colour, and have served as items of adornment reinforced by a belief in their occult powers. Since Vedic times it has been an accepted belief that gems have curative and prophylactic qualities that influence man's fate. People seek guidance from wise astrologers to select a particular gemstone that will enhance their fortune and protect them from evil planetary influence.

In this feature, I shall discuss the talismanic qualities of various gemstones. While choosing one’s birthstone it is important to select it after detailed study of one’s birth-chart. One should neither select one’s birthstone according to the month in which one is born nor on the strength of one’s Zodiac sign. These are broad classification and hence may not be very effective. It is only through a proper study of the birth-chart of an individual through astrology that can reveal the best gemstone for the person.

After erecting the horoscope, the astrologer has to ascertain the strength of each planet and their effects on the individual. A planet found weak in birth-chart tends to harm and hinder the progress of a person. In such an event, astrologer advises him/her to wear the gemstone governed by this particular planet. Sometimes the astrologers advise to wear particular gemstones, whose ruler is situated very strongly, in one’s nativity. This helps to enhance the good qualities indicated by the planet to assure progress, prosperity, physical and mental well being of the person. Even the physical characteristics of an individual could give us a clue as to the person’s ruling planet. Once you have understood the ruling planet by observing the physical built, the personality, likes and dislikes, and the choice of profession, it will become easier for you to choose your lucky gemstones. In this feature on gems, I have tried to elucidate qualities of each gemstone, and also the professions ruled by different planets. There are nine planets, nav-graha, governing nine gems, nav-ratna, traditionally accepted in Hindu astrology. These are Sun, -governing ruby, Moon  - pearl, Mars – coral, Mercury – emerald, Jupiter, - Pukhraj or yellow sapphire, Venus - diamond, Saturn - Blue sapphire, Rahu, - Hessonite and Ketu – cat’s eye. Astral gemstones can be worn, either singly or in combination. The traditionally favoured combination being the nav-ratna. As this combination is very powerful in its effects, it should be worn under the direction of an astrologer. No two stones governed by planets hostile and inimical towards one another should be placed adjacently. Even if one single planet is badly situated in one’s birth chart, its inclusion in the combination could counter the beneficial effects of other gems. Other important aspect to be considered is the purpose for which a gemstone is to be worn. If it is for physical well being then one has to wear a gemstone, which governs one’s physical health. Even those well versed in astrology are likely to overlook this important aspect while prescribing a birthstone. Imagine one who needs a boost in his career wears a precious stone, which governs his health. He is sure to be hale and hearty but will continue to struggle throughout his life without achieving any success in career.

I shall briefly discuss the properties of various gemstones and their significance in astrology. Those who know their birthstone will profit more by this feature. Others should ascertain their lucky gems either after proper study of an individual’s birth chart and/or by determining the ruling planet after proper observation of one’s physical characteristics such as built, personality and profession before selecting a stone for enhancing or enriching their lives. Of course a person, as an item of jewellery, can wear any gem, but not for using these as remedial measure.


Kamini Uppal