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Examination of Breath

Prana is the life force responsible for all existence. Man describes it variously as soul, spirit, mind, but which, for purpose of understanding is the atmospheric air we breathe.

The act of controlled breathing is called pranayam done by the nadis in the body. Nadis are a medium through which the process of pranayam is carried out internally. Here I wish to discuss Ida and Pingala Nadis.

Ida through whom the inhalation of breath takes place is situated on the left of the human system. Pingala is situated on the right, and the Sushumna Nadi is at the centre of the spine.

Although we inhale breath by both the nasal orifices and exhale by both of them, the actual process takes place along the single track in cyclic order.

While exhaling if you examine the intensities with which air comes out of two nostrils, you will notice the difference. Sometimes it is the left nostril which gives out more air, and at other times the right. This can be observed by holding the back of your hand under your nose while exhaling. When the left nostril gives out more air, it means prana is travelling along the left side or Ida; similarly if the right nostril is more active, then prana is situated on the right side or along Pingala. When the intensity is equal in both, prana will be moving along the centre, called Sushumna Nadi.

All we need to know is the location of prana at a given moment, whether it is situated on the left, or right or in the centre, and then interpret its meaning.

It is normally observed in humans, prana travels for most part on the right side on Sundays, Tuesdays and Saturdays, and largely on the left on remaining days. This does not preclude the possibility of it happening otherwise.

If prana flows through the right side, it is considered auspicious for physical exercises, eating, sexual activity, disputes, sleeping. When prana flows through the left side, it augurs well for marriage, setting out on a journey, commencing the construction of a house. When prana flows along the centre one should not undertake a journey.

Wise and learned astrologers make predictions by studying prana. If a woman asks a question pertaining to the outcome of a certain event, and she happens to be sitting on the left of the astrologer whose prana at that moment is flowing through the left, the result will be happy and auspicious. Similarly, if the questioner is a male sitting on the right of the astrologer whose prana is flowing through the right nostril, fortunate results will follow. Opposites results are the outcome if the woman or the man was to sit on sides contrary to above. If astrologer's prana is flowing equally through both nostrils, that is Sushumna, then a period of delay or status quo is the result.

Hence favourable outcome of events depends upon the harmony in the matter of sides among prana of the practitioner, side of the questioner and the latter's sex.

Through controlling and regulating the breath or prana, man can influence the course of events in one's life.


Kamini Uppal