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Jagjit & Kamini's Love Story

Jagjits & Kaminis love storyIn September,'79, Kamini being unwell was brought to Bombay for a series of medical examinations. Around that time, a family friend suggested she should see an astrologer. Kamini, still weak and slightly anemic, initially scoffed at the suggestion. Ultimately, more for a lark than anything else, Kamini and her younger sister went to Jagjit Uppal's Gamdevi office to have their horoscope read. Kamini says;" I remember the day so clearly. It was the 19th of September. His office was on the 1st floor. My sister helped me up to it. We rang the bell and this young man wearing a trouser and shirt opened the door. I said, 'Can I speak to Mr Uppal? I have an appointment with him? The person replied, 'I am Jagjit Uppal,' I was surprised; I had expected a Sardarji to start with, and in any case, one expects an astrologer to be a pundit-type of person. I thought to myself that we had been had, this was a con man. He said, 'You must be the lady from Delhi and he invited us in." He asked the usual details (birth date, time etc.) and drew up her chart. And then, to the extreme amazement of Kamini and her sister, he began to stare at Kamini in a most peculiar manner. Kamini thought to herself. "Good God, why is he glaring at me like this? Have I got cancer or some such thing, am I going to die, or what? "There was a reason why Jagjit looked at Kamini in an almost bewitching manner. It was not her looks it was her chart. As he looked at her chart, he knew he had seen the chart of the woman who was to be his wife. He quickly shook himself out of his reverie and said in a professional voice." I have done a complete study of your chart; there is nothing wrong with you". He told Kamini that the tension she had been undergoing because of her emotional heartbreak, had resulted in the nerves at the bottom of her spine getting all knotted up and these had caused the swelling on the hip (and thus the limp), but otherwise she was physically fit. The Kohli sisters exchanged glances (We've been conned!") and said," Well. Let's see. The results of the tests are due in a couple of days." A frantic Jagjit (Now that he knew she was going to be his wife, did not want her to slip off his life this easily) asked Kamini for her address and phone number in Delhi on the pretext, "I'll want to know what the test say". Surprisingly, two days later, when the results of the tests arrived, they confirmed what Jagjit Uppal had said! Kamini was nonplussed.

You are going to be my wife
jagjit and kamini love storyA few days later, they met at a party thrown by a mutual friend. Jagjit, walked up to Kamini and said, "Well, how did it go, what did the tests reveal?"
Kamini said, "You were right, there was nothing wrong."
Jagjit said, "I know, I know. And there is another thing I know. You are going to be my wife".

(Kamini laughs now." I couldn't believe my ears. I had heard a lot of lines but this was by far the most original! Sure, I felt grateful that his prediction had been accurate, but this was stretching things a bit,") Aloud, she said to Jagjit". Come to my house tomorrow and say the same thing when you are sober and then maybe I'll take you seriously." The next day, Jagjit (to Kamini's utter surprise) landed up at her uncle's house and stayed to lunch! In the days that followed they began to see each other regularly. Jagjit took Kamini for long walks from Carmichael Road right up to Chowpatty. They would have an ice cream and walk back. She left Bombay on 30th September with his proposal of marriage just ten days after first meeting him. When she returned to Delhi and explained to her family, they were aghast, "They were thrown into a complete flap. They could not accept the idea of my marrying an astrologer. My mother said, 'You know how these pundits sit on the road. Reading fate line for 5 rupees do you want to starve?" And I told them my mind was made up. They married on 7th October, 1981, and eventually the families were reconciled to the alliance ("Today my mother and Jagjit are the best of friends.").

Jagjit had known she would be his wife when he first saw her. What about Kamini? 'It may sound strange,' she says, but even the first time I saw him I felt a certain degree of familiarity as if I'd known the man before. He explained it to me and it is only now that I understand. People will find it difficult to believe, but here it is.

There is a method of astrology in looking into what you've done with your past life. A certain house tells you where and what you have been. In his past life, at a very young age, Jagjit was a very learned wandering monk. We fell in love and he was no longer a monk." We met in this life to fulfill our last life. Because, the last time we had been unequal when we met: in this life we met on a common plane as ordinary people. The point to note is that I could have met him earlier but this time I met him late in life, when I was 30, because in the past life I had led him astray. It was a punishment of sorts. Anyway, this is our last birth, the seventh one and after this we will obtain 'Moksha'. On the whole, it may be difficult for many people to understand this. But those who've been through similar experience will know what I am talking about. Why is it that you sometimes feel you've known a person (you've barely met) all your life? "The strange stories becomes stranger when you learn that somewhere along the way, Kamini became an astrologer too, and today, writes her own columns, has her own fan-following. It wasn't Jagjit's coaching, it was something she discovered on her own. She says:" We all have it in us; I thing most of us are psychic but what happens is that we get involved in the hustle and bustle of life and lose contact. But if only, once in a way, you should sit back a bit, you would be more aware of existence, of what is happening and how." Where children are concerned both Kamini and Jagjit decided not to have any children. That was a major decision to make. In fact when they went to the Doctor (Dr Geeta Pandya) to have Kamini operated upon, the doctor said, "Since you don't have any children, I want you to think about it seriously and then return to me after a year." They went back after a year and it was done." Explains Kamini," My husband already gives so much of himself to the people who come to him. When he is with me, he needs me completely. I want to give him my undivided self, time, energy and attention; having children would prove an intrusion to that extent".Jagjit says "Sometimes, I am about to say something and she says it or vice versa, and we've long since stopped exclaiming, 'Hey that was on the tip of my tongue'. The truly unique experience was when we awoke one morning and discovered we'd dreamed the same dream-the same thing about the same person in the same city! She is also instantly perceptive when I am up to my, should I say,' mischief talk' with anybody." Their love has grown in being together and doing things together which is so important to sustain a marriage and keeping it alive. Every year they take off for trekking, a sport both of them cannot do without. This year in October for their wedding anniversary they are off to the Garhwal Hills for three weeks. And it will be just the couple, their tent and nature. The fire still exists after 20 years of togetherness and being as much in love as the time they first met and went for those long walks from Carmichael Road right into the future.