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Astrology - The Basics

The system of astrology is based upon the tripod of the Sun, the Moon and the Rising sign. At the time of an individual's birth the astronomical chart is erected from geocentric position as viewed from the place of birth. Even though there are numerous heavenly bodies in the universe, the ancient seers arrived at a conclusion that the position of five planets and the star Sun, along with earth's satellite, the Moon, hold a mystical meaning to the individual's destiny. The two sensitive points formed by the intersection of the earth's orbit round the Sun, and the Moon's orbit around the earth, known in astronomy as the North and the South node of the Moon, were taken as important factor in determining events in an individual's life. The points of intersection are those where when the Sun and the Moon and the earth align themselves in a line, the Sun and the Moon gets eclipsed due to the shadow of the earth falling over them, as viewed from the earth. The ancient seers in India attached mythical importance to the eclipse and for the convenience of understanding gave names to these points of intersection, namely the Rahu, north node, and Ketu, the south node. That is how in Indian astrology when we consider the five planets, namely the Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and the Saturn, and the star Sun, satellite Moon, and the two nodes Rahu and Ketu, the total entities become nine, known as Nava-graha, the nine planets.

First and foremost is to understand how the planets influence our personality. The entire zodiac belt of 360 degree is divided into twelve zodiac signs namely Aries, Taurus, Gemini and so on. This is based upon the Roman calendar of twelve months constituting a year. At the time of an individual's birth the astrological chart is erected and the Sun's position indicates one's Sun-sign. Since most people are conversant with astrological forecasts in the news media, they are aware of their sun-sign, upon which most astrological predictions are based. However, matters are not that simple. For, to erect a birth chart one need to know the date, time and place of birth of an individual.

The basic structure of an astrological chart is the Sun, the Moon and the Rising sign. The month of birth gives us the Sun sign, the date of birth will indicate the Moon's position, that is the Moon sign, and the time of birth helps to ascertain the degree of the zodiac rising in the east at that particular hour, at that particular place. These three are the basic factors that determine individual's personality traits. Hence the tripod of the Sun, the Moon and the Rising sign holds the key to understanding one's destiny pattern.

In astrology the Sun represents the Soul, the Moon symbolise the Mind, and the Rising sign signifies the body. The Sun is also the indicator of the father, Moon, - the mother and the Rising sign, - the child that is the Self. It is the combination of all the three that defines one's individuality.

That is why two individuals born under the same Sun sign are likely to be dissimilar, as also individuals born under the same Moon sign. In fact individuals born with the similar Sun, Moon and the Rising sign could also differ due to positions of other planets. Hence an individual's birth is unique that makes one completely different in looks, temperament, emotions and conduct. However the basic characteristics are found common amongst individuals born under the same sign of the zodiac.

We shall continue our discussion and I will give some peculiarities of all the zodiac signs as to how they mould our personality traits.


Kamini Uppal